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Duniya Ke Ae Musafir

December 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Oh travellers of this world,
Your destination is the grave

This journey for which you are preparing,
Will last for only two days

Since the creation of this world,
Thousands and millions have arrived

No one is left,
They’ve been engulfed in soil

Do not forget this,
This will be everyone’s final abode

Oh travellers of this world,
Your destination is the grave

With your own eyes,
How many burials have you witnessed?

With your own hands,
How many of the dead have you buried?

Of your own consequences,
Why are you so unaware?

Oh travellers of this world,
Your destination is the grave

Those who slept on velvet,
On soil they are sleeping

Kings and beggars alike,
Together they are sleeping

Both are the equal,
This is the effect of death

Oh travellers of this world,
Your destination is the grave

These great mansions you have,
They are of no use

These tall and lofty buildings (that you have built),
They are of no use

Only two metres of this vast earth,
Will be your small home

Oh travellers of this world,
Your destination is the grave

Effigy of soil, to you,
On soil, it is to immerse

One day you have arrived,
Another it is, you have to leave

You are not to stay in this world,
Your destination is to leave

Oh travellers of this world,
Your destination is the grave

This journey for which you are preparing,
Will last for only two days

Oh travellers of this world,
Your destination is the grave

By Junaid Jamshed – Hadi Ul Anaam.

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The Road to Waterloo

December 4, 2010 6 comments

If you are wondering to go abroad and you do know the university to which you are going to apply but you simply don’t know how to get there then this article will help you to some extent. Before I further discuss let me tell you that this article is best suited for students who are going to graduate in spring 2011 and planning to apply for Computer Science Masters program in University of Waterloo, Canada.

University of Waterloo or UW was founded in 1957 and has established itself as one of the best universities of the world. It is situated in Ontario and has 25,000 students. Currently, it has 34 ongoing research centers and institutes. UW has 90 student clubs and groups for students and variety of sports team. UW has 6 different departments: Applied Health Sciences, Arts, Engineering, Environment, Mathematics, and Science. Each department has its own website and admission procedure. We will stick to Computer Science, which comes in the department of Mathematics.

Computer Science department in UW is known as The David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science. So, the first thing you must know about this is their website link, which is

Now, before you apply online (I’ll discuss this part in last) you must meet the following criteria list.

  • Cleared Intre with first division (Above 60%).
  • Graduated with at least 3.33 GPA.

If you meet above requirements then doors are open for you. I was checking English Proficiency Test requirement in UW site and found out that if you are going to graduate from NUCES then your EPT test is not exempted means you have to give TOEFL iBT test with minimum requirement of 90 score which includes 25 in writing section and 25 in speaking section. Apart from that you will also give GRE test.

Now to make things more clear here is a list of documents that you must have before you apply in UW.

  • A copy of your academic transcript from each post-secondary institution. Transcript of your SSC, HSC or O-Levels.
  • Provisional certificates of your school and college. If you don’t have then you must request having official stamp from your school and college. You will need copies of each one.
  • You will require 3 references. Referees will contact directly with them via online form so, you must contact them before you apply online to confirm their availability and email address.
  • They will ask for Supplementary Information Form, which contains questions related to program applied. So, prepare your answers in advance.
  • Copies of your Test Scores (TOEFL iBT and GRE). Testing agency (Where you gave given test) will also require sending original test results directly to UW campus.
  • Finally you should have student visa and you must have Letter of Acceptance issued by UW and Study Permit issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada before you leave for Canada.
  • If you have external scholarship then you must have their copy in PDF format which you will upload with other documents.
  • You will not require Writing Sample and Portfolio but you will require Resume.

Now, you have a broader view of documents to be submitted we will move to one step ahead.

Applying to UW is a two step process. First, complete your Online Application and pay a non-refundable application fee of $100 per program. Make sure you must have every document and that you are eligible to program you are applying for.

Once you will register yourself you will be given username and password. UW has self-service application system which is known as Applicant QUEST. You will need to upload all your documents using Applicant QUEST. Make sure you upload all documents before deadline.

Deadlines are as follow

  • If you are applying for fall 2011 then you don’t have enough time because deadline is almost over. December 16 2010 is deadline for fall 2011.
  • If you are applying for winter 2012 then you have very little time. Deadline is May 31st 2011.
  • If you are applying for spring 2012 then you do have time. Deadline is September 30th 2011.

Your choice should be 2nd one. You will need to apply before May 31st 2011, which means that you will require giving GRE test in February or maximum in March. GRE test is very complex, technical, and hard. If you start from today then you have only two months for preparation and let me tell you that GRE is not an easy test. If you want scholarship then you will need to score maximum. More than 90% I guess.

Another, and most important thing is, that GRE test outline is changing from 1st August 2011 and according to official statement it will take 4 to 5 months to announce GRE result of yours. So, if you are planning to give GRE test in August (for juniors) then you must not take a risk because you will not get result and you will not be able to apply. GRE test is valid for 5 years so, if you are not willing to waste time then you must give before August 2011.

Following is the location where you are going to give GRE exam. You must go there and take related information before you apply. GRE Test fee is $190.

H#F-47/1 Park Lane, Block#5, K.D.A Scheme#5

Phone 92215879759

Another test that is required is TOEFL iBT test. TOEFL iBT test fee is $160 and it is offered thrice in a month. So, you must register for this very carefully. You will need to go to British Council for TOEFL iBT test.

I hope I am not missing anything and if I am then write in comment so I can add up here.

Following are the links where you can get all information.

University of Waterloo
The David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science
Graduate Application Required Documents
Graduate Applications – Help
Graduate Admissions Application Requirements
Admission Guide for International Applicants
Application Requirements/Information
Applicant QUEST
GRE Test
GRE Test Fees
GRE Test Registration
TOEFL iBT Registration

Thank You…


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ITC Funny Moments

December 4, 2010 20 comments

If you think that being a grader is a nice job and that it’s an opportunity to earn some quick money then think again because it’s not like that, seriously, it’s like babysitting 150 mature adults.

Hello! My name is Muhammad Usama and I am a student of NUCES. I was assigned as a grader in this semester (7th semester, if you don’t know) of ITC (Introduction to Computer Science) course. I check assignments, quizzes, and I also take labs. The worst part is checking cumbersome assignments and best part is taking lab of 150 students in “No AC” condition. My life sucks every Wednesday and Thursday from 1:30pm to 4:30pm but I also love this life, because I am a computer nerd. So, here are some of the funny moments that occurred while I was babysitting them (taking lab).

A small town girl was damn confused while making programs. She was unable to compile program. She didn’t know what is notepad, how to open file, save file, compile file, run file. I explained her everything, every single query she had. While I was explaining how to open notepad, and how to write hello world program, and then how to save it as .c file, she suddenly asked, “tao ismay kamal ka kia kaam hai” :S :S I was in shock so, I reconfirmed and ask her, “kia matlab ismay kamaaal ka kia kaam hai” and she started  to laugh loudly, very loudly, and I was just looking at her and I was thinking why the hell she was laughing.

Actually she meant something else. She replied, “ Mai puch rahi hun ke ismay command prompt ka kia kaam hai”. Now, I start laughing. I was unable to stop myself. I left the lab for 10 minutes and since then she has never asked me any question.

A boy wrote a program, compiled, debugged, compiled again, debugged again, compiled again, gave up, and finally called me. I look at the code there was no mistake. He was working on that program for an hour but he didn’t think once that, before you compile, you have to press Ctrl + S.

Similar case, first he wrote a program, saved it, compiled, compiler gave some error. He fixed that error, compiled again, compiler gave same error. He was working on that program madly. He was in shock. He called me and complained that compiler is not working. He was crying. The first think I did, I pressed Ctrl + S and everything came to normal.

A guy, after taking 5 labs, declaring a variable before #include. What else can I say to him?

Lab started at 1:30pm, at 4:20pm I looked at someone’s monitor. I asked him what he was doing. He cried and said, “Mujse TCC nhi chal raha”. He didn’t ask me in 3 hours and that was not his first lab.

A guy called me, “JB bhai please idhar ajayen, mai bohat tension mai hun”. I went there and he said, “Yaaar ye keyboard kharab hogia hai… sari keys ulti hogaye hain”. I said, “kia matlab ulti hogaye hain?”. He said, “phele mje capital “A” likhna hota tha tao mai SHIFT + A dabata tha. ab achanak se ulta hogia hai, mai Shift + “A” dabata hun tao chota “A” print hota hai aur ab ye shi bhi nhi horaha”… He mistakenly pressed Caps lock. Same thing happened with some “Angraiz” (I read somewhere) but I never expected that this will happen with them too.

Some girl was zipping already zipped file and she wanted to zip it again. She was playing “zip it, zip it”.

So, these were some of the funny moments happened but the list goes on and on. Let me stop here because I do have other things to do. Last but not the least It is our responsibility to help them and teach them.

“With great power comes great responsibility – Uncle Ben, Spider-Man”

If anyone is hurt by this write-up then please be “un-hurt”, as it was written for the entertainment of the people, and to lighten up my heart.


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Matrix Tension

October 24, 2010 19 comments

HCI Class

Student: “Maam… I have one question regarding 1st Phase of our HCI Project. Can I ask?”

Maam: “Yes, sure. Why not?”

Student: “Maam, what is the difference between Traceability Matrix, Usability Matrix, and Feasibility Matrix?”

Maam: “Look, the difference is very simple. In traceability matrix we do traceability engineering. In usability matrix we do usability engineering and in feasibility matrix we do feasibility engineering.”

Student (Thinking): “WTF!”
Student: “Ahaan! Maam, another question… What is engineering?”

Maam: “Hmm. In short, Engineering is all about Traceability, Usability, and Feasibility of Matrices.”

Student (Thinking): “FML!”
Student: “And what is Traceability?”

Maam: “Traceability is a kind of engineering, in matrix form, that we usually do in our 1st Phase.”

Student (Thinking): *CENSORED*

PIT Class

Student: “Sir, I have a very professional issue and it’s really related to IT… Can I ask?”

Sir: “Be strong, haha. Yes you can ask”

Student (Thinking): “What does he want?”
Student: “Sir, what is the difference between Traceability Matrix, Usability Matrix, and Feasibility Matrix from PIT point of view?”

Sir (Thinking): “Oh God! What I’ve done to deserve this? Why … Why!!!”
Sir: “Well, when we talk about matrix and specially engineering then we can’t just ignore patent and copyright. According to Parliament act of 1890…”

Student: “Shit! Why did I ask?”

After continuously listening to the garbage being spewed out by various zombie-fied IT professionals, who’ve spent more time on MS-Word than any compiler, the student went to some teacher and ask the same question. He replied, “Tera bhai tao 5 minute mai saray ‘ability’ matrix bana leta tha. Khair chhor …” He changed the topic.

Innocent Student to himself: “Yaar hamari parhai itni mushkil kiu hai.”
Teacher to Director: “Sir, we found new “ability” – Ergonoability, Can we include this in our course?”

Director: “Sure, include whatever you said “ability” Matrix too”

This article is based on fiction. lol

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Motivation is a key to Success @ Part 2

October 5, 2010 1 comment

First of all Assalamualaikum, I hope you all are having a nice time. Last time, we discussed about the important of confidence. Today, we are going to shed light on lack of focus, the second aspect, and killer, of motivation.

Developing tangible focus requires confidence plus extra energy. How many times we focus on what we don’t want rather than on a concrete goal? We usually think in terms of fear. Like I don’t want to be poor, I’m afraid that no one will respect, I can’t face them because they will not respect me, I don’t want to be alone and when this happens, fear overwhelms and then it feeds on itself and drains our motivation.

So what’s the solution of this fear based thinking? How we can get rid of this? The first step is focusing that energy on a well defined goal. Focus on the consequences, and advantages; try to understand what you have done so far, what you are doing right now, and what you need to do to achieve your goals. By daily practicing it, this will become your habit and once this will become your habit then no one can stop you from being a successful person.

By focusing your mind on a positive goal instead of an ambiguous fear, your brain starts working properly and it automatically formulates the necessary steps in order to achieve success. This way, you start doing something instead of worrying. You motivate yourself to take actions.

Next important aspect of motivation is direction – head start of your success, which I am not going to discuss right now because this aspect only works if you are confident and focused.

My friend ask me yesterday that why I am writing this crap? And what I am trying to do? Well there are following reasons.

I want to encourage my friends that they are missing the most important ingredient of success. Still, when we make project groups we need to consider the “balancing aspect”. We need to think about those who are weak – don’t mind but this happens every time. And this is not because they are mentally retarded, or they are sick but this is only because that they are not motivated enough. They don’t try, and even if they try, they give up.

I want to encourage that you are not here to just get BS degree and a job of 20K to 30K in some xyz company. Your goals should be beyond than simply doing a job and getting degree. Although, job is very important but this should not be your goal. You are special and God has given you an opportunity to study in one of the best university, avail it, work hard and get yourself involve in entrepreneurship. That’s what Bill Gates did.

I want to tell that how easily money can be earned; there are infinite creative ideas and ways to earn (halal) money. The only problem is that our horizon is surrounded by fear, anxiety and doubts.

    So, these were some of the reasons I initiated.

    With great power comes great responsibility – from Spider-Man movie.

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    Motivation is a key to Success – Part 1

    September 30, 2010 7 comments

    Hello friends, hoping you are having a nice day, let me bore you again by giving you a brief *lecture* on motivation. I am not gonna write about Bill Gates or Steve Jobs because we all are listening about them for many years. Although, we think that they are exceptions but unfortunately they are not. Some of us claim that they had resources, and money, and that they are intelligent, shrewd, or smart. I believe whatever they are today is only because of their motivation, dedication and hard work they showed in their life. They weren’t born intelligent, they weren’t shrewd and they weren’t smart at all. They were layman like us. The only difference between them and us is that they didn’t give up. Steve Jobs was fired from the same company he built but he didn’t give up. He was motivated enough and because of this motivation he was hired again.

    Today when I see my friends, not those who are motivated, but those who aren’t motivated enough, I feel very sad for them. They say they don’t get time to learn anything – I say they will never get time. They say what else we can do, we don’t have a good teacher – I say you don’t need a teacher to be Bill gates or Steve Jobs. And then, there are many excuses which they proudly proclaim. The only problem in us is that we are not enough motivated. We want everything without doing anything, which is not possible.

    The three most important reasons we lose motivation are lack of confidence, lack of focus, and lack of direction. I am gonna discuss all three, one by one, in detail. As this is the most important key of success.

    The first reason of losing motivation is lack of confidence. This happens when we start focusing on what we want and neglecting on what we have. When this happens then our mind creates explanation of why we aren’t getting it, which creates negative thought. Our mind starts pointing out past (failed) experiences, and weakness. We become jealous of others and then we start complaining for why we can’t get success. This is the state when we tend to make a bad impression, think the worst about others, and lose self-confidence.

    I have seen many friends who say that this is the worst country, why the hell I was born here? Why I wasn’t born in USA? Why the hell I am studying in FAST? Why we don’t have resources? I am inspired by Bill Gates but he is BILL GATES… When this happens you lose your confidence. When you start giving excuses that he is cheetah and I am not because he is intelligent, then there is mistake at your end. He is cheetah because he didn’t give up, he is confident enough and he achieved what he wanted. He is simply focused.

    If you are not good in presentation, or you are a bad designer, and that your English sucks, and your friends always pull your leg, then it doesn’t mean you lose your confidence. The only way to get out of this is to focus on gratitude. Think positive about everything in your life. If your friends are teasing you because you wrote a very bad code or you designed badly then instead of showing anger, laugh on them that they identified your mistake and that you got an opportunity. Avail that opportunity. Work hard and show that you are better than them. Believe me they will not laugh this time, in fact they will praise you and will encourage you.

    I think this is enough torture for today… We will talk about other aspects of motivation later. I encourage everyone to think positive about everything. Be thankful to God of what you have and try to make this world a better place. Your contribution is very important and it really doesn’t matter whether or not you are cheetah, until and unless you are motivated.

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    How to start… ?

    September 29, 2010 13 comments

    Friends, Yes! My papers are over and now I am sitting right in front of my computer thinking what else can I do except Facebooking. I can either waste my time or I can do something constructive. Sleeping right now is also a good idea but why not to write something constructive or let me bore you people.

    I was checking comments on my articles and I was motivated. It really encourages when someone praises you. I have tried many times to continue my “Chaos” story. Although, some of you may not like it because it contains many errors and I am not at all a good blogger (I never read novel in my life). But thing is that if I’ll stop writing then how I am gonna polish my skills but it doesn’t mean that I want to be Paul Coelho. Anyways, I did try many times to continue my story but then storyline as usual pissed me off. Because whenever I try to write a new episode, I have to read all previous episodes in order to understand the flow and storyline. I believe I am the most forgetful person of this world. So, it takes double time to write plus time it takes to correct my content, which is not usually done by me J and time it takes you people to understand what the hell was going in previous episodes. This all forced me to put “Chaos” aside as it was requiring more and time.

    Yesterday, when I was coming back from university (in point) a freshman requested to answer queries he had. He was confused and he gave me his assignment paper (ITC) and told me to explain all questions that he marked. There were, I guess, 16 question and 8 questions were marked. He wanted help in understanding flow chart concepts and most importantly they (students) aren’t yet exposed to compiler. Questions were very simple like “Input 3 number and sort in Ascending Order”. We gave him real world examples to make him understand. I found him intelligent and he was able to absorb simple logics but thing is that why he was unable to understand in class? I know he has no background but I have seen many students who are not in 1st semester and they don’t know about shit of programming. I would rather say they are not good problem solvers. I believe there are few reasons that I want to point out but I’ll point out later (Not in this post).

    I have seen a very common question among students who are not “cheetah”. They want to start, they want to learn but simply they are unable to do it because they have this question in their mind – “Which language you will prefer?” – “From where should I start?” – “Which language is best? PHP or ASP” and even if we tell them it will not matter because after some time they will come again and ask similar questions. Simple answer for them is until and unless you will not show your WILL and DEDICATION, you will not be able to learn anything. Detailed version of this question will come soon

    So, why I have written this article? Well I have decided to bore my friends again. In my upcoming articles I am going to focus on what steps one should take to be a good competitor, I’ll focus on some advance tutorials but those tutorials will be different than normal boring tutorials, which are available on different sites. As I am not a good reader because when I read any novel or article, I feel sleepy so, my main focus would be to keep your perspective, level, and skill set in mind and to write article more juicy and absorbable.

    “I can trust my friends. These people force me to examine myself, encourage me to grow.” – Cher

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