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A Message

It was a complete blackout. All he can feel was a strong wind. He was tired and exhausted. He wanted to have some rest but was unable to get up. He was still not in his conscious. Then, gradually he was getting aware of the situation trying to adjust himself in the situation he had never been before. He, slowly, opened his eyes but the bright light hit directly in his eyes causing it to close quickly. He crawled and realized grains of sand beneath his hands. He felt sweat & burning heat which was troubling him. He opened his eyes again. This time he was able to fight and soon his eyes focused and he was able to see it.

He was in a desert. He was trying to figure out how he came here but burning heat was forcing him to find one thing, perhaps a tree or anything that casts a shadow. He was wearing a suit, an expensive wrist watch, and shoes. He wandered for a while and then begun walking in direction his instincts decided. He knew he was going to fall because he was exhausted and thirsty. After walking for about an hour he saw a tree and soon there he was, sitting under the tree with no destination at all. He felt like taking a nap but then he saw crows circling around him, right above the tree. He knew crows were there for him as he was the only weaker one in that long desert. It’s always easy to attack on weaker ones; he thought and decided not to fall asleep. He forced himself to wake up and begun walking again. This time he didn’t know where was he going. He just wanted to get the hell away from those creatures. He walked miles and miles. Sun was already tired and was no longer the problem. He continued his journey, the meaningless journey.

Night had fallen and he was scared. He sat in the middle of the desert and gazed up to look the stars. He knew he was going to sleep anytime so he picked one of the stars as a point of reference and marked the direction on sand and fell asleep.

He woke up and felt the mild heat. He began walking in direction he defined last night. After walking for five to six hours he heard the noise. He saw the same flock of crows, circling above him. He was tensed. Sun was at its peak. He was thirsty, starving but there was nothing he could have done. He was tired, exhausted and he knew that he was going to die soon. Death was upon him and he was unprepared. He never thought that something like this would ever happen to him. He always loved to live in present. His expensive cloths, watch, and shoes were just mere worldly needs. He cried, wept but nothing he could’ve possibly done to protect himself. He ran for a while but then he stopped. He was panting and feeling of loneliness was killing him. Death was waiting for him. Not a speck of life was seen as he gazed towards the horizon and beyond. He gave up and he fall. He was looking at the crows, waiting for them to attack. And then he realized the change in the pattern. They were coming towards him. He never felt something like this before. Death was just seconds away from him. He felt pang and that was the moment when he pleaded God to save his life. That was the moment when he realized that no one can save him except God. He cried, begged, and pleaded God for all the bad actions he did in his life. He was unable to recall any good action which could have saved him. He was embarrassed, shaken up and he pleaded, continued to ask for forgiveness and at that last moment when he was just about to be attacked, God listened and everything changed. He was sitting on his bed idle and thanking God. Tears in his eyes and idea of death had shaken him up. His heart-rate was ascended and he cried, yet again for all the bad deeds he had done. He finally realized that it was a dream. A dream with a message that.

“God loves you very much and God is always there to forgive you. It requires only realization that death is always upon you and you can’t run away from it, that your future & destiny depends on the actions you do in your present, and that you came in this world alone and you will go alone with the only actions you did and nothing else.”

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  1. December 18, 2011 at 10:36 PM

    Nice write-up.
    Those who do realize in their life are really lucky. Something very close to realization is, the reason why you got into that state, is the company of friends and colleagues.

  2. Shauzab Ali
    December 20, 2011 at 11:54 PM

    Nice ! =)

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