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Policy clashes and managerial issues

Thanks to Ali Abbas for his great effort

Update: Apology from Mr Asim-ur-Rehman posted as received:

Dear Asad Veqar Shairani,

It seems that there is some kind of misunderstanding; we treat our students, and their parents with utmost respect, and compassion.

Anyhow, if anything I said has offended you then I am extremely sorry for that.

If your cousin is interested in admissions, then we can offer him delayed payments.


Asim Rehman

Director, Karachi campus

Update: Posting mr Ayub Alvi’s response as received:

Dear Ali Abbas

I do not dispute your contention that “some students have been dealt with in disrespectful manner”.

You are right. The problem is that we are a nation of “wadayraas”.

Some of us like to be disrespectful and unhelpful to others (in a lower or weaker position).

Being Muslims have not changed the people of this region.

I pray that we learn to respect others. The Quran tell us “Respect humans because they are humans (and not animals)”
Ayub Alvi

Update: My response to Mr Ayub Alvi, posted as sent:

Respected Sir,

First of all I would like to thank you for taking out the time and responding to the concerns in such a prompt manner.

It is understandable that being a self funded institute the management is bound to face challenges and other such difficulties, in an attempt to contribute to which the Alumni is in the process of forming a community which would provide financial aid to those in need. This is something we picked up from OSAF which is managed by FAST-Lahore alumni since 1996.

Sir, I would very respectfully negate you on one point. This is not an one-off issue, there have been several such incidents where the students have been dealt with in an inappropriate or more clearly stated dis-respectful manner. The processes and flaws of the system are understandable but sir respect and being ethical is human basics.

The financial aide policy was part of the entire issue, the other being the level and manner in which the correspondence took place. I am sure you will agree with me that the matter and other issues like this can be handled in a more organized and polite manner.

The students ought to be treated well, respect is a give and take thing sir.

I thank you once again for responding back, your reply is really appreciated.

Ali Abbas.

Okay so Mr Ayub Alvi has responded to my letter, posting it as received:

Dear Mr. Ali Abbas

Thanks for writing a long letter describing your perceptions as well as suggestions for improvements in the university system.

We appreciate suggestions for betterment, irrespective of where they come from.

May I clarify that same rules apply to all campuses. There is no difference in policies for the four campuses.The problem which has been highlighted by an alumni and is running around in cyber space appears to be a one-off.

The university entertains all requests that appear to be genuine. Perceptions of individuals may differ but someone has to be delegated responsibility.The perception of the person responsible has to be respected.

The university survives on the fee income received from its students. There is no financial assistance from the government nor from any other philanthropic organization.

FAST-NU can admit only a limited number of financially challenged students, and it is doing so.

Even the complainant is reported to have been studying on financial assistance provided by the university.

Rest assured that university is trying its best to impart quality education to its students, while remaining within its financial limits.

Ayub Alvi

In continuation to the Open letter written to director FAST-Khi I have sent a detailed mail to the respected Rector, Dean and Registrar. Following is a copy of the mail, I will update if further correspondence takes place.

Aoa Sir,

Hope you are doing well. Let me introduce myself as a concerned Fastian, I graduated from FAST-Khi back in 2009 but due to many friends in the university and my keen interest to stay connected I have been receiving news of the happenings. What really shocks me is the rapid change in attitude that this university is undergoing which has its affect not only on the current students but also on the university repute altogether. FAST is one of the most respected educational institution of Pakistan, I take great pride in associating myself with FAST-Khi but sir I am not sure in which direction this organization is headed and its future looks not so very bright at the moment.

I am sure there must be some system in place which takes care of the need to communicate all policy changes on a uniform basis? The issue in question here is about the financial loan policy, which according to students of FAST Lahore and Islamabad is available for them while according to the Director of FAST-Khi it is not an option. I must pause and add here that the current prospectus mentions financial aid to students in need. So you see sir, there is clearly a clash of policies which raises questions in the minds of students and parents alike. If it is a campus based policy then it must be made clear to the students, if not then it must be mentioned in the prospectus.

This however is just a small view of the big picture, a rather alarming issue is the manner in which student problems are dealt with. Being such a well reputed university it is common sense to have a positive and smiling approach towards students. After all these very students will go on to become the representatives and ambassadors of FAST . I would like to draw your attention towards a recent event that took place in the main campus of FAST-Khi and has caused some stir and concern amongst the students and parent alike which concerns serious lack of management and information on the university policies.
I would really appreciate if you can give a quick read to an Open letterwritten to the director of FAST-Khi in order to grasp the particular event and the situation at large. Be rest assured that this is just one of the many instances that has surfaced and problems like this are occurring regularly.

I will like to extend this one step further however and would like to make a few suggestions to be implemented for the betterment of this institution. The first and foremost requirement sir is the need to provide a proper platform from where the voice of students can be brought to the concerned authorities. I suggest establishment of a students affair department (one already present in Islamabad campus) which acts as a bridge between the students and the top management. It is important that the students do not feel deserted and have atleast someone to look up to in time of needs. Secondly sir there is the need to induce some proper system for the transparency of policies across all campuses. I am sure there must be some sort of system in place but it is clearly not getting the job done. Last but not the very least sir, we need to have a forum/Fanpage/Group where students faculty and management can interact (moderated of course to maintain a civilized approach) this would again enable you to view perspectives of both students as well as the faculty.

I am sure you are always working towards the betterment of this organization and surely you have done a lot for the students, therefore I maintain a strong faith that this letter will not go in vain. Myself and other true Fastians are genuinely concerned for the future of FAST and would love to contribute in any way possible. This sir is a sincere attempt on positive criticism and I am certain that it will be taken in the same manner by you and other respected authorities. However I apologize in advance for anything that may you may find inappropriate.

Hoping for some sort of counter measure actions to be taken.

Original Link: http://www.mera-vision.com/2011/08/03/policy-clashes-and-managerial-issues/

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