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A Message

December 18, 2011 2 comments

It was a complete blackout. All he can feel was a strong wind. He was tired and exhausted. He wanted to have some rest but was unable to get up. He was still not in his conscious. Then, gradually he was getting aware of the situation trying to adjust himself in the situation he had never been before. He, slowly, opened his eyes but the bright light hit directly in his eyes causing it to close quickly. He crawled and realized grains of sand beneath his hands. He felt sweat & burning heat which was troubling him. He opened his eyes again. This time he was able to fight and soon his eyes focused and he was able to see it.

He was in a desert. He was trying to figure out how he came here but burning heat was forcing him to find one thing, perhaps a tree or anything that casts a shadow. He was wearing a suit, an expensive wrist watch, and shoes. He wandered for a while and then begun walking in direction his instincts decided. He knew he was going to fall because he was exhausted and thirsty. After walking for about an hour he saw a tree and soon there he was, sitting under the tree with no destination at all. He felt like taking a nap but then he saw crows circling around him, right above the tree. He knew crows were there for him as he was the only weaker one in that long desert. It’s always easy to attack on weaker ones; he thought and decided not to fall asleep. He forced himself to wake up and begun walking again. This time he didn’t know where was he going. He just wanted to get the hell away from those creatures. He walked miles and miles. Sun was already tired and was no longer the problem. He continued his journey, the meaningless journey.

Night had fallen and he was scared. He sat in the middle of the desert and gazed up to look the stars. He knew he was going to sleep anytime so he picked one of the stars as a point of reference and marked the direction on sand and fell asleep.

He woke up and felt the mild heat. He began walking in direction he defined last night. After walking for five to six hours he heard the noise. He saw the same flock of crows, circling above him. He was tensed. Sun was at its peak. He was thirsty, starving but there was nothing he could have done. He was tired, exhausted and he knew that he was going to die soon. Death was upon him and he was unprepared. He never thought that something like this would ever happen to him. He always loved to live in present. His expensive cloths, watch, and shoes were just mere worldly needs. He cried, wept but nothing he could’ve possibly done to protect himself. He ran for a while but then he stopped. He was panting and feeling of loneliness was killing him. Death was waiting for him. Not a speck of life was seen as he gazed towards the horizon and beyond. He gave up and he fall. He was looking at the crows, waiting for them to attack. And then he realized the change in the pattern. They were coming towards him. He never felt something like this before. Death was just seconds away from him. He felt pang and that was the moment when he pleaded God to save his life. That was the moment when he realized that no one can save him except God. He cried, begged, and pleaded God for all the bad actions he did in his life. He was unable to recall any good action which could have saved him. He was embarrassed, shaken up and he pleaded, continued to ask for forgiveness and at that last moment when he was just about to be attacked, God listened and everything changed. He was sitting on his bed idle and thanking God. Tears in his eyes and idea of death had shaken him up. His heart-rate was ascended and he cried, yet again for all the bad deeds he had done. He finally realized that it was a dream. A dream with a message that.

“God loves you very much and God is always there to forgive you. It requires only realization that death is always upon you and you can’t run away from it, that your future & destiny depends on the actions you do in your present, and that you came in this world alone and you will go alone with the only actions you did and nothing else.”

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The Circle of Life

July 30, 2011 12 comments

The Circle of Life

Finally! graduation is complete and we got our bachelor’s degree. Mission accomplished with a job and a promise of giving handsome salary in hand. Everyone is finally settled so, now what? Is this supposed to be like this?

I was hearing a song named “The circle of life” and had this thought into my mind that what’s so special about whatever we have done so far. What’s the purpose of all this? Did we ever try to understand the reason of being here? I believe that after studying from one of the top university, we are not common people and there is something bigger which we haven’t figured it out yet. God has given us a lot and there must a reason which we all should think about it.

Each year thousands of graduates wear gown, get degrees, return their gown and go home. Next year same system is going to repeat with new faces and hope. A complete well-mannered system is written for us and it’s repeating persistently with different faces every year.

We get a job at the end of our graduation and are called software engineers. We spend time daily from morning to evening and then go back home. At the end of the month we get a salary and we throw a party and live a happy life. In a year, we get a title of senior software engineer and then project manager.  Meantime someone else gets our old designation and then a day will come when we will be ditched out as a retired engineer. They will replace us and others will replace them. Isn’t our life confined into circle of these so called complex routines? From morning to evening to goodnight, we are just part of this system and one day we all are going to die and people are going to forget us and system will replace us by others.  That’s how the nature works. That’s how the circle of life drives.

Only those are remembered who indeed forced themselves to be the change they wanted to see in the world. Only those are remembered who indeed did something precious for the society, for the county, for the world, and for the greater humanity and that is the actual responsibility of those un-common people because with great power comes with great responsibility. They were chosen to be one of those who were supposed to take care of common people. That’s how nature balances itself.

We are among those fortunate who got chance to live the best life. We studied in best school, college, and university. Our parents invested hell a lot of money not because, after graduation, we live an easy life. You are not a person who lived a poor life and there must be a reason. You are the chosen one and yet you haven’t figured it out yet. Today we all work for western people. Name a single software house or organization, running by us, for which westerns are working? Name a single software house or organization that doesn’t work for them? Why? Because they realized this long ago that they are not common people. They created obstacles for us, and they let us feel that we are only slaves and that we can’t get success because we aren’t the chosen one. We are those frustrated, demotivated people who are living a dead life because we neither have strong will power nor dedication.

I believe the only ingredient that improvises the idea of being prosperous in life is dedication & having strong will power. Until and unless you are not going to follow it you can’t get success. This is the only path which will lead you to the idea where thousands of common people will get a chance of survival. I have seen people who just talk and talk but they don’t have implementation perhaps their will power is not strong enough or they aren’t dedicated at all. They have potential but they don’t have guidance or support or they don’t know how to build that bridge through which they are going to see that success path. Others give up just because of a failure. Remember one thing; a failure shall not affect the entire future.

I believe you don’t need guidance or support but if you are getting it then you are lucky. The only thing that counts is “believe in you”. If you believe in yourself then regardless of billion failures you are going to achieve it.

We people are so lazy that we wish to have everything without having passion to have it. We do think that we are going to do this or that thing but then we stuck and forget about it and then one day we realize that we are a looser. We go into a depression and when others ask we say I never got such guidance or support or resources. Remember I told you; you are lucky if someone is guiding or supporting you. This is a bonus point but if you are not having it then it doesn’t mean that you are below the curve. Everyone gets equal points in this world. Total net package is always equal but points are simply unevenly distributed. You just need to figure it out the best of you in it. Success is only going to follow those who truly desire for it. Your passion is what tells the intensity of having it. Aim for big but always work on one block at a time. If you have a desire to develop a top iPhone game then go for it. Remember, you will face the resistance because in this world there is no such ideal thing. You are going to listen that hey there are 71 thousand games on iPhone app store. What is the probability that your game will be selected for top 10 games? Aren’t you wasting your time? If that happens then show them (flex) because if you give up then there is no difference between you and that common person.

Initiating something is always the biggest problem that we face. We don’t know where to start or we just find it difficult. As I said before, break your idea into blocks and complete block by block. Builders don’t build entire building in a day. They know their target. They have plans and final rendered image of that building but observe, they will always start from zero. They put one block at a time and they persistently do it until their idea or aim comes into existence. Second problem that we face is time. Time is the biggest obstacle and barrier. Remember, time is not going to stop for you. It’s your responsibility how you manage your time.

You will feel tired and people will say you to have rest. This is where the intersection of two different path lies. You are standing at a point from where two different path leads. One is for common people and other one requires greater dedication. Your will power will become vulnerable and you will feel attraction towards easy path. Your heart will be filled with desire to go and have a long sleep. Your body temperature will be lowered and stream of blood passing through veins will force you to accept what your heart is filled with. This is the time where your dedication and believe will call you. Deep down in lobe of your brain an idea in the form of neural pattern will call you. You will be in a position where you will need to make a choice and this will be the time where you will need to go against your will and you will choose the hard path and yes, you have built successfully your first block of that bridge. Yes, your will power is now overwhelmed by an idea of doing something big and bandwidth of your blood flow is upsurge. You just crossed the alternate universe – The universe which is defined to work for greater humanity.

“With great power comes with great responsibility. Remember, you are not a common person”

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Batch 07 – My Last Note :(

Last Day Love From Fastians

Last Day FB Statuses From Fastians

Earlier this morning, I woke up and it was 7:30am and I said to myself, “Shit! Point phir se miss hogia”. But then, a bitter fact came into my mind, a very not-acceptable fact that changed my life in a day, a realization that I am done with FAST, that now i have no official classes, quizzes or assignments. No deadlines to meet, no more projects (except HPC and FYP which is still due :D). No teacher is gonna say me that, “hey! you are late”, “Mr 90 you are disturbing the class”, “Mr 90 I’ll simply ask you to leave”, “Aap please class se bahar chale jayen”.

I then opened my facebook account and lots of statuses (some of them are shared on top), notes, and videos.

(Thank you Yousuf Fazal for dedicating video to us.)

I don’t have words to say right now because I actually cried after watching that video. I want to say thanks to Yousuf Fazal, Saad Zaman, Samiullah, Tanveer, Wasay, Sam Devilz, Saifi, Areej, Mandvia, Zaid, Naveed Nadeem, Ahad, Ali Iftikhar, Maisam, Asad Memon, Farrukh Ahmed, Apple, Bilal Sheikh, Akif, Murtaza, Guddu & Sam, Arqam, Tabish, Niyaz, Taha Rafiq, Green, Basit, Irtaza, Junaid, Adil, Moiz, Ali Riaz, FTM, Ahsan, Hamza, Ali Shah, Ammar Amjad, Aqib, Arun, Ebaad, Haris, Charsi, Bantu, Ballu, Hafiz Hassan, Ali Raza, Taha Munir, Saad Siddique, Nerd, Baqir, Fahad Iddress, Zohaib Rehan (Sorry for adding you intentionally at the last day :P), Anum Sayanni, Salma Hanif, Tasmiyah Iqbal, Mehwish, Fatima, and umm my ami and my brothers for being so supportive and helpful at every single point of my life, for changing and making my life so awesome. I don’t even exist without you and I love you most. Thank you all for giving me so much respect and honor. I was null without you guys. You guys are the most impressive, excellent, talented, and amazing people of Pakistan.

4 years before when I came in FAST, I was the most dullest student. My IQ was low, my GK was zero, I was bad in English (still sucks!). It was hard for me to adjust Why? because I didn’t like the FAST awam. I thought I was in Jail and it was impossible for me to survive, but now I can proudly say that i was so wrong 😀 FAST actually changed my life, my perception, my way of treating others, my thinking process, thus everything from appearance to personality (the complete me).

I don’t want to bore you guys so my last message to all of you;

“Always respect your parents, teachers, and your elders. You are here (in this world) for a reason. Live your life and don’t just spend it. Do something special which can be remembered after you are gone. Never regret about anything because everything happens for a reason. Always say thanks to Almighty Allah and remember everyone in your prayers. Be optimist, help others, and contribute to this nation in any form (not in population sense). Be a change that you want to see in the world. Thats all my friends 🙂 forgive me If I have ever hurt you. FAST Rocks, Pakistan Zindabad. Bye Bye”

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WikiRebels – The documentary

December 16, 2010 Leave a comment

When you cross the line you face the consequences

It has been reported that WikiLeaks has revealed more secrets in three years then the rest of world news agencies.

“We should condemn the disclosure of any classified information by any individuals or organizations” – White House

Julian Assange, revolting against the power for a very long time. When he was in Australia he got a name of “Mendax” for being a highly skilled hacker. He was charged with 20 different types of hacking and so he found himself in a court pleading guilty.

In 2006, Assange and his team build a special web service “” exclusively for people who want to report abuses of power.

A great documentary of how was formed, how they exposed and how Government responded.


“With great power comes great responsibility. It is our responsibility to change this world and to make this world a better place”

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Motivation is a key to Success @ Part 2

October 5, 2010 1 comment

First of all Assalamualaikum, I hope you all are having a nice time. Last time, we discussed about the important of confidence. Today, we are going to shed light on lack of focus, the second aspect, and killer, of motivation.

Developing tangible focus requires confidence plus extra energy. How many times we focus on what we don’t want rather than on a concrete goal? We usually think in terms of fear. Like I don’t want to be poor, I’m afraid that no one will respect, I can’t face them because they will not respect me, I don’t want to be alone and when this happens, fear overwhelms and then it feeds on itself and drains our motivation.

So what’s the solution of this fear based thinking? How we can get rid of this? The first step is focusing that energy on a well defined goal. Focus on the consequences, and advantages; try to understand what you have done so far, what you are doing right now, and what you need to do to achieve your goals. By daily practicing it, this will become your habit and once this will become your habit then no one can stop you from being a successful person.

By focusing your mind on a positive goal instead of an ambiguous fear, your brain starts working properly and it automatically formulates the necessary steps in order to achieve success. This way, you start doing something instead of worrying. You motivate yourself to take actions.

Next important aspect of motivation is direction – head start of your success, which I am not going to discuss right now because this aspect only works if you are confident and focused.

My friend ask me yesterday that why I am writing this crap? And what I am trying to do? Well there are following reasons.

I want to encourage my friends that they are missing the most important ingredient of success. Still, when we make project groups we need to consider the “balancing aspect”. We need to think about those who are weak – don’t mind but this happens every time. And this is not because they are mentally retarded, or they are sick but this is only because that they are not motivated enough. They don’t try, and even if they try, they give up.

I want to encourage that you are not here to just get BS degree and a job of 20K to 30K in some xyz company. Your goals should be beyond than simply doing a job and getting degree. Although, job is very important but this should not be your goal. You are special and God has given you an opportunity to study in one of the best university, avail it, work hard and get yourself involve in entrepreneurship. That’s what Bill Gates did.

I want to tell that how easily money can be earned; there are infinite creative ideas and ways to earn (halal) money. The only problem is that our horizon is surrounded by fear, anxiety and doubts.

    So, these were some of the reasons I initiated.

    With great power comes great responsibility – from Spider-Man movie.

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    Motivation is a key to Success – Part 1

    September 30, 2010 7 comments

    Hello friends, hoping you are having a nice day, let me bore you again by giving you a brief *lecture* on motivation. I am not gonna write about Bill Gates or Steve Jobs because we all are listening about them for many years. Although, we think that they are exceptions but unfortunately they are not. Some of us claim that they had resources, and money, and that they are intelligent, shrewd, or smart. I believe whatever they are today is only because of their motivation, dedication and hard work they showed in their life. They weren’t born intelligent, they weren’t shrewd and they weren’t smart at all. They were layman like us. The only difference between them and us is that they didn’t give up. Steve Jobs was fired from the same company he built but he didn’t give up. He was motivated enough and because of this motivation he was hired again.

    Today when I see my friends, not those who are motivated, but those who aren’t motivated enough, I feel very sad for them. They say they don’t get time to learn anything – I say they will never get time. They say what else we can do, we don’t have a good teacher – I say you don’t need a teacher to be Bill gates or Steve Jobs. And then, there are many excuses which they proudly proclaim. The only problem in us is that we are not enough motivated. We want everything without doing anything, which is not possible.

    The three most important reasons we lose motivation are lack of confidence, lack of focus, and lack of direction. I am gonna discuss all three, one by one, in detail. As this is the most important key of success.

    The first reason of losing motivation is lack of confidence. This happens when we start focusing on what we want and neglecting on what we have. When this happens then our mind creates explanation of why we aren’t getting it, which creates negative thought. Our mind starts pointing out past (failed) experiences, and weakness. We become jealous of others and then we start complaining for why we can’t get success. This is the state when we tend to make a bad impression, think the worst about others, and lose self-confidence.

    I have seen many friends who say that this is the worst country, why the hell I was born here? Why I wasn’t born in USA? Why the hell I am studying in FAST? Why we don’t have resources? I am inspired by Bill Gates but he is BILL GATES… When this happens you lose your confidence. When you start giving excuses that he is cheetah and I am not because he is intelligent, then there is mistake at your end. He is cheetah because he didn’t give up, he is confident enough and he achieved what he wanted. He is simply focused.

    If you are not good in presentation, or you are a bad designer, and that your English sucks, and your friends always pull your leg, then it doesn’t mean you lose your confidence. The only way to get out of this is to focus on gratitude. Think positive about everything in your life. If your friends are teasing you because you wrote a very bad code or you designed badly then instead of showing anger, laugh on them that they identified your mistake and that you got an opportunity. Avail that opportunity. Work hard and show that you are better than them. Believe me they will not laugh this time, in fact they will praise you and will encourage you.

    I think this is enough torture for today… We will talk about other aspects of motivation later. I encourage everyone to think positive about everything. Be thankful to God of what you have and try to make this world a better place. Your contribution is very important and it really doesn’t matter whether or not you are cheetah, until and unless you are motivated.

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    How to start… ?

    September 29, 2010 13 comments

    Friends, Yes! My papers are over and now I am sitting right in front of my computer thinking what else can I do except Facebooking. I can either waste my time or I can do something constructive. Sleeping right now is also a good idea but why not to write something constructive or let me bore you people.

    I was checking comments on my articles and I was motivated. It really encourages when someone praises you. I have tried many times to continue my “Chaos” story. Although, some of you may not like it because it contains many errors and I am not at all a good blogger (I never read novel in my life). But thing is that if I’ll stop writing then how I am gonna polish my skills but it doesn’t mean that I want to be Paul Coelho. Anyways, I did try many times to continue my story but then storyline as usual pissed me off. Because whenever I try to write a new episode, I have to read all previous episodes in order to understand the flow and storyline. I believe I am the most forgetful person of this world. So, it takes double time to write plus time it takes to correct my content, which is not usually done by me J and time it takes you people to understand what the hell was going in previous episodes. This all forced me to put “Chaos” aside as it was requiring more and time.

    Yesterday, when I was coming back from university (in point) a freshman requested to answer queries he had. He was confused and he gave me his assignment paper (ITC) and told me to explain all questions that he marked. There were, I guess, 16 question and 8 questions were marked. He wanted help in understanding flow chart concepts and most importantly they (students) aren’t yet exposed to compiler. Questions were very simple like “Input 3 number and sort in Ascending Order”. We gave him real world examples to make him understand. I found him intelligent and he was able to absorb simple logics but thing is that why he was unable to understand in class? I know he has no background but I have seen many students who are not in 1st semester and they don’t know about shit of programming. I would rather say they are not good problem solvers. I believe there are few reasons that I want to point out but I’ll point out later (Not in this post).

    I have seen a very common question among students who are not “cheetah”. They want to start, they want to learn but simply they are unable to do it because they have this question in their mind – “Which language you will prefer?” – “From where should I start?” – “Which language is best? PHP or ASP” and even if we tell them it will not matter because after some time they will come again and ask similar questions. Simple answer for them is until and unless you will not show your WILL and DEDICATION, you will not be able to learn anything. Detailed version of this question will come soon

    So, why I have written this article? Well I have decided to bore my friends again. In my upcoming articles I am going to focus on what steps one should take to be a good competitor, I’ll focus on some advance tutorials but those tutorials will be different than normal boring tutorials, which are available on different sites. As I am not a good reader because when I read any novel or article, I feel sleepy so, my main focus would be to keep your perspective, level, and skill set in mind and to write article more juicy and absorbable.

    “I can trust my friends. These people force me to examine myself, encourage me to grow.” – Cher

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