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Trip to Lahore – Day 2

Trip to Lahore

Trip to Lahore - LUMS Olympiad

Day 2

It is 6:00am and train is moving with proximity of 150km/hour. I am standing at bogie door. All I can see from here is “greeny green greenery” and sun tempting to look out on us. This feeling of zephyr is something that can’t be defined here. In short, I was simply enjoying the nature.


We had a great Nashta party at Kanpur station. Train stopped for 10 minutes so, we got out washed our face, managed to brush our teeth, took a cup of tea, some biscuits and chips, and came back. Unfortunately there was this incident which took our breath. We didn’t see Moiz in our bogie and train was touching slow velocity. Hamza and others, standing at bogie door, were trying to figure out where the hell that guy set out. Everyone was in search of this guy and we checked every single compartment and bogie but we didn’t find him. At last we found him in economy class. This stupid guy said, “Bhai kia huaa! I was charging my cell DUDE”.


By the way Moiz and Hamza also wrote something. I have their material so let me put it over here.



The first sight that caught the attention of all of us was a Halwa Puri. Since we all were starving, but then we saw the cost at which we would be filling up and that was a little overwhelming. Nevertheless we went to the platform and got our self some stuff to munch on, while the rest of us began the search of a clean and tidy washroom, a desire which can only be dreamed in Khanewal Station. In the meantime I and Tabish went to the extreme front to check out the cockpit view of the train. One of the co-drivers invited us inside the compartment to take a few something (I don’t know what he has written) but his partner wasn’t that hospitable.  He told us to get down from his throne of power and we had to allege.


I didn’t get the single word of Hamza… may be his writing sucks. Anyways, we had a mind-blowing in fact, mind-blastic 2 day trip.

The next 5 days at LUMS made some of us in inferiority. Of course I don’t have to put their names here but moments that we all had are unforgettable. That is all for now. Thank you, take care and Khuda Hafiz.

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  1. April 13, 2010 at 12:13 AM

    Brushing at a train station … how hygenic are you guys ??

    BTW, Moiz writes awesome…

    And yes you too … it seems you had a ‘parha-likha’ crowd with you … Because our crowd was a bit … on the wild side

    • Muhammad Usama
      April 13, 2010 at 12:42 AM

      “BTW, Moiz writes awesome…” TRUE.. 😀

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