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Final Episode – The Master Planner

March 13, 2010 8 comments


Previously on Chaos – The Master Planner

(Osama received the ransom sms and they demanded his work in exchange of his father. Agents decided to develop fake software for suspect. Agents also copied the original copy for backup. Agent Usama was having headache and was dropped by Agent Taha.)

Final Episode – The Master Planner

[8:00 pm] (At Restaurant)
Agent Taha is in restaurant. Waiter stops at his table and placing “Chicken Manchurian”. Badge reads ‘Abdul Basit’. Agent Taha is looking at his badge and then he asks, “Since when you are working in this restaurant?” “For 10 years… anything else you want to order Sir” “No… thanks”. He smiles and starts eating.

[8:00 pm] (At Airport)
Announcement: “Flight EK-625 is ready for departure. Passengers please follow the gate number 24. Thank You”

[8:00 pm] (At Beach)
Some people are gathering around a wounded guy… One of them says, “He is badly injured”. The guy was unconscious. Another guy says, “We should search him. May be we can get some contact or something.”

[8:00 pm] (At Bureau)
Agent Tabish and Agent Farhan are talking regarding the case timeline where Nikki is in her room.


[8:20 pm] (At Restaurant)
“Do you want anything else Sir?” Waiter (Abdul Basit) asks. “No thanks… just bring a cheque”, Agent Taha replied in a polite manner. Agent Taha talking to himself, “He says he is here for 10 years… but I have seen him first time.”

[8:20 pm] (In Plane)
Announcement in Plane: “Ladies and Gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts. Flight is ready to take off. Please switch off your cell phones, PDAs and laptops. Enjoy your flight… Thank You”

[8:20 pm] (At Beach)
People talking
“Ok… I found NIC card. It reads Mr. Khalid”… “He is unconscious”… “I think we should call someone”

[8:20 pm] (At Bureau)
Big noise… Every machine from light bulb to computer screen starts flickering. Tabish shouting, “What the hell is happening… Oh My God… My Ears…” and then suddenly noise goes. Everything is back to normal. Agent Farhan comes out from his room and says, “What the hell happened?” “I don’t know… I was working and then I was logged out… and then this noise” “I was logged out too.”


[8:25 pm] (At Restaurant)
Agent Taha is on phone with Tabish, “Listen, stay calm and relax, find the source… I am coming in 20 minutes.”

[8:25 pm] (At Osama House)
“Hello, who is this?”
“Can I talk to Mr. Osama”
“Yeah… speaking”
“Listen Sir… we found a wounded guy and he is yet unconscious… NIC says that he is your father, Mr. Khalid… My name is Talha Arif and I found your number from his diary.”
“Where the hell are you?”

[Talha Arif is navigating him the location.]
“Ok, you just stay there… I am coming”

[8:25 pm] (In Plane)
“Are you sure you want to do this?”
“I don’t have any option”


Its 8:45pm. Agent Taha is swiping magnetic stripe card. As he reaches inside, he sees everyone busy in identifying the source. Agent Farhan and Agent Tabish are busy in checking server room. Agent Nikki was head down on her table in her room. She was in a deep consideration. Agent Taha breaks the silence by knocking at the door thrice, which forces her to regain his attention, “Hey… when did you come” “well, a while ago… So, what the hell happened here?” She was in a big depression and her mood was not decent. “We heard some kind of noise… I don’t know.  I guess some kind of EMI noise” “You mean electromagnetic interference” “Yeah… may be.”

After couple of seconds Agent Tabish comes in a room. He says “Sir, we found the source.”

[At Roof]
Agent Farhan is holding the device, which was completely burned. He after scrutinizing says, “Sir, this is some kind of electromagnetic weapon… I also found the timer, which I think was used to expose this device”. Agent Taha replies “Electromagnetic weapon? But why at roof?” “I don’t know… I really don’t have any idea… May be someone did this intentionally.”

After a while agent Taha says, “Hey Nikki, Why you are so anxious? Why I sense that you are hiding something” “Give me one minute” and then she went downstairs.

Its 8:55pm and Agent Taha is standing in front of her. She is typing something on her computer and then suddenly she stops. Agent Taha screams at her, “Hey, What the hell you are doing?”

After couple of seconds Agent Nikki starts
“Do you know anything about Chaos Theory?”

“Yeah I do… So?”

“What it says?”

“It says something about initial conditions… I guess”

“It says that butterfly effects in chaotic system are highly sensitive to initial conditions. Smallest change in initial condition changes the entire outcome.”

“Are you relating our case with Chaos Theory?”

“Yeah…” and then she turns the monitor to his side. Agent Taha, after looking at monitor, says, “What the hell? How in the world can anyone do this?” “Result of electromagnetic weapon… Unbelievable… huh”

Agent Nikki continues, “I realized when I was studying the timeline… When mother of Osama was shot, Agent Usama was sitting with him in office. He was also there where the Accident happened. He was also present from where his (Osama) father was abducted. He is the one who copied the software”

“When we were heading to Mr. Khalid’s house we stopped at some petrol pump… he told me that he wanted to use lavatory… but no… he went there for some other reason… may be he was calling to someone… This guy… Agent Usama… he is son of a $@^&#”

“He has not done this first time… he already did this before… with me… We studied together in Harvard”

“And when I asked Osama, about the worth of his work, it was Usama who said $50m… he knew it”

“Yeah… He wanted to do everything ASAP because he knew that I’ll figure it out. He is the one who activated EMI device to destroy his computer.”

“But how information, related to him, was destroyed from our server?”

“Before the noise I was just checking his list of calls from our database… and suddenly I was logged out and after 30 seconds we heard the noise. I guess he scheduled some kind of program in his computer”

“And may be EMI device was activated by that scheduled program”

He continues, “And why the hell we are still here… why aren’t we going to catch him”

“Not impossible… he already left his home. Ali Iftikhar informed us.”

“Earlier you said that Usama knew that you will figure it out… how did he know that?”

“Because he is good in reading brain… In fact he is very good in hypnotism. Unfortunately he gets headache after he targets anyone”

“When we were coming to bureau he was having headache… and for that reason I dropped him… but no… He is the one who enforced me to ask Osama so we can have a copy of his software”

She smiled and went outside. Taha noticed tears in her eyes. Everyone’s morale was down. Taha explained ‘This Master Plan’ to other Agents including Ali Iftikhar. Agent Ali came up with no results. Not a single finger print was found in his (Usama) house. Ali Iftikhar also informed that there was no passenger with name Usama in EK-625 Flight. After half an hour Agent Taha received the phone call from Osama. He informed that he was in hospital and that his father was safe. “Why” was the only question in everyone’s mind and there was only one official pattern that they had.

Number: 625 in ‘EK – 625’ and ‘Highway – 625’.

End of 6th Episode
Season 1 Ends – Hope you like it


5th Episode – Flashback

March 1, 2010 7 comments


Previously on Chaos – The Master Planner
(Two deaths. Osama received the ransom sms and they demanded his work in exchange of his father. Agents decided to develop fake software for suspects. Agents also copied the original copy for backup.)

5th Episode – Flashback

According to prognosticator’s report, the sun is not supposed to look down onto Massachusetts Bay Colony. It is Veterans Day today and its 11:00am sharp. People are crossing the threshold of the Johnston gate as a ceremony of Armistice Day is going to start in an hour. Children are holding balloons in their softy hands. Various students are doing rehearsals at old yard of Harvard while others, surrounding them, are scrutinizing their artistic presentation.

Passing Johnston gate, the second incarnation of Harvard Hall can be seen where various stalls, from food stuff to books, have been organized. History says that the first Harvard Hall was burned in 1764 which included furniture, memorable pictures, paintings, cloths, scientific equipments and the college library including the legendary, John Harvard’s book collection. One book of his collection was saved by a student who had taken it out last night. As the worth of the book was understandable, the student returned it to President of the College who thanked him adequately and expelled him from the College for taking the book without permission.

After passing Massachusetts Hall, which is served by the soldiers of Continental Army in Revolutionary War, and Meyer gate, Science Center arrives where different science competitions, from software to hardware to biometrics, are supposed to take place after ceremony.

One of the students named Osama Khalid is preparing final test of his first biometric identification system. He notices that his best friend, Usama, is not there. Mustafa who is sitting beside him, and welding the circuit, burned the chip. He knew that this was going to happen. So he spent extra money to get more chips. Osama, while looking at the burned chip, and thinking curiously about JB, said, “You Moron… what the hell did you do?” “Relax… I have one extra chip left. Just give me 5 minutes… I can fix this”. Osama who was really pissed off said, “One more mistake and we are out of this competition” “Ok… don’t spell disaster… Why don’t you get some rest? You haven’t slept for two days”. Couple of minutes later Osama said, “Ok I am going but have you seen JB?” “Yeah I saw him earlier walking towards Memorial Hall”

As their talk ends, Osama moves towards Memorial Hall, which commemorates Harvard men who died in Civil War while fighting for the Union and where Students dine in Annenberg Hall, which was situated at one end of the building. Osama was hoping JB to be there dining with Nikki Betancourt.

Nikki Betancourt was not only a group partner of JB but she was his best friend. The strong friendship between four friends, which includes Mustafa and Osama, and their stories are still talked about ­­­in the vicinity of Harvard.

Annenberg Hall covers an expansive 9,000 square feet. Architectural features include great hammer beam trusses, stenciled ceiling, and walnut paneling. Over the hall, on the east end, the creative stairway chain leading to the tower meeting rooms works with the ceiling trusses and the polychromatic  brick wall to create countless geometric patterns. Annenberg Hall houses a vast collection of paintings, sculptures and stained glass, giving the look of a Cathedral.

It takes Osama trice to uncover JB. And after sitting adjacent to him Osama notices the expression of JB and he says, “What happened?” Usama who is a good looking guy fares to answer his question, “They selected me as an agent”. After couple of flashes Osama asks, “So, what’s the problem? Aren’t you happy? Huh”

“Thing is that they have given me my first practical assignment, which I think is stupid, brainless, and… and futile.” Osama, smiling, asked, “And what is that futile assignment?” “You will see soon” and then there was quietness between them.

After a couple of minutes Nikki comes in. She is annoyed and she has one paper, which was sent by JB earlier. Osama who is looking at her realizes the fumes on her face and says, “Hey! Was sup” but she didn’t reply and she passes by him and comes in front of Usama and without a single word she slaps Usama. The sound echoed in the Cathedral and everyone single student were looking at them.

“What the hell do you think of yourself? How dare you write this crap? Huh”

“There are some reasons.”

“Reasons… What reasons?”

“I can’t tell…”

“You know what? I hate you… I just hate you… you shouldn’t have done this… shouldn’t…” and she left the Hall with tears in her eyes. Osama who was in a big shock, closes his mouth, and says, “What was that?” “I think I cleared my first assignment.” After a couple of seconds Osama breaks the silence and says “That’s shit Ok… you can’t do this… I am going to tell her” Usama intervened and said “NO… listen to me. If you do this they will take this job back. This assignment is my test and I have to clear it… listen. This job is my dream… and you can’t take it from me… I told you because you are my best friend”

They talked for about half an hour and finally decided to confer later. Mustafa who somehow managed to fix the chip saw Nikki weeping. It was then when everyone heard the announcement of Remembrance Day, which is going to start in 5 minutes.

The loud noise flashes agent Usama back to reality. “What the hell happened?” says Usama who was still adjusting himself between the two existences. “Nothing… haven’t expected red light too soon.” “Whatever, I have headache… can you drop me… I am unable to concentrate” “Are you crying? You have tears in your eyes” “No. Nothing… I am fine, just want to relax” “Ok dude… no problem”

It is 7:20pm when Agent Taha drops Agent Usama. He still has to go to bureau where Agent Nikki was working on the timeline.

End of 5th Episode

4th Episode – Exchange

February 5, 2010 7 comments


Previously on Chaos – The Master Planner
(Two deaths, first one was car accident. Agent Ali reported that accident was due to failure of breaks. The other death was Osama’s mother getting shot by a sniper.  Agents concluded that the work Osama is doing is the actual reason behind these killings and his father’s abduction. Nikki, who joined the Bureau yesterday, requested timeline of the case. It was 9:30am when Agent Usama, sitting with his team in conference room, received a phone call from Osama and was told about the sms he received – ‘father in exchange of your work’)

4th Episode – Exchange

“Ok guys we have to leave right now, Osama received a SMS… asking million dollar work in exchange of his father” says Agent Usama as he stood up taking his keys and moved towards the door. Agent Taha who was still sitting drew plans in split second in his mind and said in a vexed manner “Nikki, Agent Ali is working on the timeline you requested… so, I want you to stay here and give me detailed report of every single second”

After couple of minutes Agent Tabish was having a cup of tea while Agent Farhan was complaining about the behavior of Agent Nikki to Agent Arqam. On the other hand, Agent Usama was driving a car while Taha was thinking about the case and the text that Osama received.

It was 10:00am when special agents’ bulletproof car screeched in front of Osama’s house. Agent Usama opened the car door and moved towards the door while Agent Taha was looking at the camera, they installed the day before for security. After a while, Osama opened the door and they moved inside while the bureau security guard took the keys and walked towards the car to close the door which Agent Usama forgot to close.

“So… you ok?” says Usama in a polite manner, as both Agents were noticing the sweat and depression level of Osama. Agent Usama moved forward towards him and said “Relax… listen… you have to be strong… Ok… you need to tell us what happened exactly…”

“Last night I was too much depressed and I was unable to sleep… so, I took some sleeping drugs and then… when I walked up and checked my cell… I found out this sms from private number, which I talked about earlier. I tried calling back but the cell was off.”, says Osama who was working on Riemann’s Hypothesis and had found a major breakthrough.

Agent Usama was scrutinizing the phone and reading the sms that Osama had received in middle of the night. He also noticed the private number and tried once again to call but no one responded. Usama, while sitting on the sofa, said “I don’t know who are they but one thing is sure that they are very smart.” Taha who was looking at the bullet hole in the window questioned, “Osama… what do you think, what will be the worth of your work?” Agent Usama intervened and replied “$50 Million… but the question is how would anyone know what he is up to?” Taha didn’t take a single second to answer this question and replied “well, infinite possibilities… maybe Mustafa. He knew what Osama was up to.” Osama looked up and said in confident manner, “No… Mustafa cannot do this… In fact, he can’t even think about this”. After couple of seconds Agent Usama asked Taha to look the place where sniper was expected in report. When agent Taha left the house agent Usama looked at Osama and said, “Do you remember Nikki Betancourt when we were in Harvard…” Osama replied, “Yeah!! One who hated you?”… Usama smiled and said “Yeah… she is a professor in Applied Mathematics, teaching at Oxford, and solving this case… joined bureau.” Osama asked while he was in a big shock, “Did she recognize you?” Agent Usama took a while and said “yeah… the way she looked at me when I was explaining things… btw she is very smart… you know she didn’t let anyone know… that she knows us”. As they were smiling Agent Taha entered the house and informed, “Arqam was right… I found tyre prints… I think they came in Armored SUV, pattern says Hummer H2.” This changed the mood of Osama and he said “Listen, I want my father back, I am ready to give them whatever they want.” Both agents were looking at him. Agent Usama said “We have to wait for their call… btw can you show us your work”

Osama took the agents in his lab for the first time. There was very little free space and the room was filled with wires and computer related stuff. Also, there were three different big computer screens side by side and different types of biometric identification system. Osama logged into his computer with one of the biometric identification system and both agents were looking at his curve sharpness. The way Osama was using the computer was really impressive and after a couple of minutes those $50m equations were in front of them. Although both agents were not getting anything out of them, Osama said “Now, I am simulating to show you how is this gonna work.”

Both agents were shocked to see the bureau database in front of them. Although there were other encryptions to protect the data but his experiment had breached the database security. Usama smiled and said, “Do you know what you are doing?” upon this Osama replied “Yeah!! But I haven’t done anything wrong and one thing more… I want my work to be in good hands” Taha who was just observing took a part in conversation and said “I have a great idea… what if we make this software fake… I mean if we give a fake copy of this software to them and then when they will use it they will have a fake interface and software will signal us, and we can triangulate their location to trace them.” Agent Usama also added “Yeah!! Great idea, but we also need to have a backup of this software so…” Osama intervened and said “Ok, I don’t have any problem. But I need 4 hours for this job”

5:00pm. Agent Usama is copying the software in his laptop and is ready to leave for Bureau. Agent Taha is trying to trace the location of vehicle.

End of 4th Episode

3rd Episode – Elucidate

July 23, 2009 13 comments


Previously on Chaos – The Master Planner
(Two deaths, one at Osama’s house and the other at highway – 615, on investigation, first one was Osama’s mother and she was shot by sniper, another was car accident. Agent Ali reported that accident was due to break failure, on further scrutinizing the car, Tabish found that finger print was Mustafa Hanif’s. Mr. Khalid, father was Osama was abducted when Agent Usama and Agent Taha went to his house)


3rd Episode – Elucidate

All the agents are in conference room, it is 8:00pm. “So much happened today… we got nothing; we have no evidence except the bloody fingerprint of Mustafa…” says Usama in a confused manner. Taha is dissecting the reports given by Arqam and Tabish. There is a silence and everyone is thinking something. The only voice to be heard is ‘turning of pages’ and, of-course, ticking of wall clock. After evaluating, Taha says, “I think we should get some sleep. So, this ends here. I want everyone in bureau tomorrow early in the morning… any questions?” It seems there are no questions to be asked. So, the meeting comes to an end and in 10minutes the conference room was in dark.

Usama is driving to home and thinking about something, it was after five minutes when Agent Usama calls his friend, Osama. “Yes Usama” “Listen… I have to tell you about your work to Bureau, because I think what you are up to is the actual reason behind what happened today. I know you are not ready but I need to discuss it with my agents and this is the last option I am left with”, says Agent Usama. “If you have already decided then what was the reason of calling”, Osama says in a dejected manner. “Listen I am proud of your work, I phoned you because I need your permission”, says by Usama. On this Osama said “Ok, do your job. You can check my alumni, my bank account and anything you want… JUST… find that bastard”. The conversation was over when Usama said “take care, we will find them”

On the other hand Taha is driving and thinking about Mustafa Hanif, Agent Ali in his own car is discussing the case with Arqam, who was unable to drive.

Tabish at his home was about to sleep, his house is 5 minute walking distance from Bureau.

It was dawn when a lady announced about the landing of flight ‘EK-605’ at the airport. The new Bureau Agent was in immigration line whereas officer from bureau was waiting for welcome After couple of minutes, when the officer realized that she is the lady who he is looking for, came outside with her luggage… She looked around with her eagle eyes and instantaneously she identified the officer who was in ‘informed uniform’. She came to him and said, “You must be Farhan?” Officer Farhan, who is the fastest driver and best in handling complex accounts in bureau, replied “Oh, yeah… how did you know my name?” she replied “Well, General told me about the properties of yours. So, I identified” she seemed to be very fast. Officer Farhan got a bit confused but somehow he managed himself and asked “by the way General forget to tell me about your properties” she replied and smiled “may be he didn’t want to” which infuriated Farhan.

On the way to Bureau she extracted all possible information from Officer Farhan regarding the case, she was shrewd and her intelligence was the only reason that she was transferred to one of the best organizations in world. Officer Farhan also gave her case file so she can adjust herself with current progress on which other Agents were about to meet in two hour. After half an hour something happened and she lost control and she got pushed to the other side of the car. She found out that it was a sharp turn and Officer Farhan forgot to lower the speed, which resulted in loosing the effectiveness of centripetal force. She was annoyed and said “I was told that you are the best driver, I say you are THE CRAZY DRIVER” Officer Farhan said “Well this was the treat of what you said before” she replied “then I must say that you are infected with vengeance”

Officer Farhan left her at her house which was allotted by Bureau; it was five minutes walking distance from the bureau. Officer Farhan then headed to bureau.

It was 9:05am when Agents came in conference room, as they entered the room the lady was already there. Taha was in front so he came forward and said “Hi, This is Agent Taha, Mechanical Engineer from MIT” She replied “This is Agent Nikki… Nikki Betancourt, professor in Applied Mathematics at Oxford” they both shake hand then Taha introduced everyone to Nikki “This is Agent Usama, Computer Scientist, working in NEHI Group” Nikki replied “NEHI? You mean Nanotechnology Environmental and Health Implications” Agent Usama smiled and said “Actually… writing paper for NEHI… but I work in Cognitive Science… btw meet other members” Usama then pointed to Ali and said “Special Agent Ali Iftikhar,  Specialized in Aeronautical Engineering from Stanford University, This is Arqam, working in fringe science division… I mean biology stuff. And this is Agent Tabish, Computer Scientist, just completed his paper work on Linguistics. So, this is what we are… small team having high intelligence power” after introduction they all sat on their chairs including Nikki then Taha said “we need to elucidate the entire case here, we need to scrutinize every second, how things happened and we need to find answers, and Agent Usama you have to tell us about Mustafa Hanif because we found his finger prints on the car at crime scene, do you want to say anything Nikki?” She said “Negative… Sir”, then Taha turned to Usama and requested to tell about suspect. Usama, after thinking for couple of seconds, stood up, took the marker and walked towards the white board then he wrote the simple equation on which Nikki replied “Is this Riemann Hypothesis?”  “Yeah, generalized Riemann Hypothesis… ok, I’ll talk abstract…”, he then lowered his face; it seemed he is preparing something and then he said “Investigating Prime numbers has generalized many problems in pure mathematics, Riemann analyzed the pattern which we call the distribution of prime number but it’s not yet been proved, its conjecture and Riemann relates it to the root function which we call today Riemann Zeta Function. Thing is, there is a connection between Riemann Zeta function and distribution of Prime Numbers and if we prove this hypothesis then… do you know what will happen” everyone was quiet and listening to what Agent Usama was trying to say, he never spoke like this before. After couple of seconds Usama said “if we prove this hypothesis we can find the factor of large numbers or large prime numbers, and if achieve this… we can break the internet security bridge, we can go directly in FBI System, we can get whatever information we want, we can transfer money from bank account in seconds…”  Tabish replied in a confused manner “what’s the connection of this theory with the case?” “Osama is working on this hypothesis for 10 Years and he thinks that he has found breakthrough and Mustafa Hanif knows about his work. Me, Mustafa and Osama, we studied in the same university… Harvard, Mustafa was involved in ‘Indirect detection experiments’… hmm… his work was related to Dark Matter, he thinks that we can detect the dark matter of this universe” Tabish Intervened “does Dark Matter exists in Universe?” Usama smiled and answered “90% matter of this universe comes in this zone…” he changed the topic and said “So, the day before two murders. Osama invited us… I mean me and Mustafa…  it was -/a small get together and there, we found out that proposal of experiment on which Mustafa was working was rejected by Company. So, he was upset… he also fought with us and then later Abdullah dropped him in the same car which was at highway – 615, which also shows how fingerprints came at the crime scene”

This all conversation brought new questions in everyone’s mind, which were chaos and dubious, as there was pin drop silence in conference room Nikki said “hmmm, listen guys; we have to start from somewhere, hmmm… I want timeline of the case… which I think will clear some doubts… I mean why Abdullah went at highway – 615, what was he doing there…” Agent Ali replied “Ok… I think I got this task…” and he went out from the conference room…

As other agents in conference room were drawing Plans, Agent Usama received a phone call, Usama said to everyone “Osama on phone” he then picked up the call and Osama answered “Come fast, I received SMS from them” this agitated Agent Usama “from whom” Osama replied “I don’t know, SMS says ‘father in exchange of your work’

End of 3rd Episode

2nd Episode – Abduction

June 15, 2009 6 comments


Previously on Chaos – The Master Planner
(Two deaths, one at Osama’s house and the other at highway – 615, on investigation, first one was Osama’s mother and she was assassinated, another was car accident. Agent Ali reported that accident was due to break failure… Agent Usama, Agent Taha and Agent Ali are at Osama’s house, Usama told Ali to call ambulance to take Osama’s mother to graveyard whereas Agent Taha phoned Arqam and told him to stop  investigating his body(Abdullah’s body) and to take his body to the same graveyard where they are going to meet in 30 minutes)


2nd Episode – Abduction

Ali – “Sir, I think we should send bodies for postmortem”
Usama – “We can’t do this; Osama will not give us permission.”
Taha – “Usama, I think Ali is right…”
Ali – “Sir, If we will not get postmortem report then we will never know how this happened”
(Usama thinking…)
Usama – “Ok, investigate then”
Ali – “Ok Sir… Taha, I think you should tell Arqam to continue investigating his brother’s body…”
Taha – “Ok”

(Ali preparing to take body for post mortem)

(Ali and his team took the body in a car to Investigation Centre where Arqam was investigating Abdullah’s body.)

(Usama and Taha are still at crime scene, both are looking at the window)
Usama – “Can you see the bullet hole? What do you think Taha?”
Taha – “I am thinking about his father”

(Usama looking at Taha)
Usama – “means?”
Taha – “Osama is safe here, but his father isn’t. We are in a situation where anything may happen to him … we should move his father, because he doesn’t know anything about what’s happening.”
Usama – “I HOPE WE AREN’T LATE… let’s move then” 

(Usama & Agent Taha sitting in car to take his father)

(His father’s name is Mr. Khalid who works in Zurich Bank, his house is located 25 Kilometers away from highway – 615. So, it takes approximately 30 minutes to drive from his wives’ house)

Taha – “How much time it would take?”
Usama – “30 minutes”
Taha – “Oh… can I get some sleep?”
Usama – “No, give me company or I’ll throw you out …”
Taha – “Listen, If I were you I shouldn’t have said this”
Usama – “Oh really? You are saying because you are not driving”
Taha – “Naa… I love driving”
Usama – “Ok… then let me give you this steering”
(Usama slowing down car)

Taha – “Hey, you don’t have to do this, I am not sleeping… now DRIVE”
Usama – “ahan, but you love driving I think?”
Taha – “Oh, I love driving when I am with my wife”
Usama – “ha-ha… liar…”

(Both stopped talking for a while but then…)

Usama – “Hey… Yesterday I had an argument with a 7 year old boy. He said Obama was the 44th president and I said he was 42nd. Guess who was right?”
Taha – “Of course young boy, I know you well”


(Taha start laughing)


Usama – “What you think of me? Haan?)
Taha – “Ok tell me, What’s your car number plate number”
Usama – “lol, Before this you tell me your phone number)
Taha – “Oh, my phone number is ‘4563215’ and car number is ‘AZH-568’, anything else”

(Usama stopped the car in front of the petrol pump and came out)
Usama – “Actually I am holding high pressure for about two hours…”

(Taha watching Usama, he is going to toilet side… Taha smiled then stretched himself like he is trying to relax himself. Usama came back after 5 minutes sat in car and saw that Taha was sleeping… he started the engine which awakened Taha … and after 40 minutes of drive they finally stopped the car in front of Mr. Khalid’s house…)

(Both coming out of the car)

Usama – “Are you ready?”
Taha – “Yes”

(Both standing at the main door, rang the bell but no one responded)
(They stood there for 2 minutes and then they decided to move IN, they loaded their guns, decided that Taha will check ground floor and Usama will go directly upstairs)


(1… 2… 3… and they broke the door like Special Forces does and they rushed inside)
Taha (Loudly)– “FBI, THIS IS AGENT TAHA…”


(Taha was moving fast trying to find his father)
(Same was the case on 1st Floor)

Usama (Loudly) – “CLEAR… no dead body, no evidence… IT’S NOTHING HERE, his father is gone”
Taha – “it’s CLEAR… but I have found an ENVELOP, come here”

(Usama coming downstairs, taking envelop from Taha)

Usama – “nothing is written on it…”

(Usama opened the envelop… taking a page out on which some message was given)

Taha – “What’s in it?”
Taha – “What?”
Usama – “this is what it says…”
Taha – “Someone knew… that we were coming”

(Taha was angry; he was throwing things here and there)

Usama – “HEY HEY HEY… Stop OK”
Taha – “we don’t have any single evidence, we have nothing…”
Usama – “We will catch them… OK… relax”
Taha – “His after is abducted… and we are late, and you want me to relax”
Usama – “Listen, one thing is common here, they are not trying to kill his father, they just kidnapped him”
Taha – “What you mean?”
Usama – “I mean, whoever they are, they will negotiate… ‘Father in exchange of something that they want from Osama’… They killed Abdullah and his mom to weaken Osama… they will try to contact”
Taha – “It’s all Chaos”


(Usama at phone, calling investigation team to collect evidence i.e. finger prints)

Officer – “Sir, it will take us 30 minutes to be there”
Usama – “Ok, come ASAP”

(Usama sitting on the sofa… taking T.V remote control in his hand”
Taha – “What are you doing?”
Usama – “Investigation team is coming in 30 minutes … and we can’t leave this place before they come”
Taha – “Oh… but why you are changing channels… are you trying to tune Sports Channel”
Usama – “Yups baby… Liverpool vs Newcastle Match, if Liverpool wins today, they are in Finals…”
Taha – “You are shit… your friend Osama is in danger and you want to watch a football match…”
Usama – “We can’t leave this place before they come… I am refreshing myself… OK”

(Taha threw dustbin on Usama… and went outside)
Usama (Loudly) – “I know you are a chain smoker… and you are calling to your X girlfriend”

(A Stone came from outside and Usama just saved his face)
Taha – “I am calling to my wife… now shut up and watch your stupid football”

(After 30 Minutes)
(Investigation team arrived, Taha giving instructions to the team whereas Usama just closed the T.V and came outside)

Taha – “Ok, we are leaving this place”
Usama – “Where are we going?”
Taha – “At Osama’s place”

(Usama and Taha sitting in car and heading to Osama’s place)
Usama – “We’ll have to put some men around his house for his security”
Taha – “hmm… and camera stuff too”
(While Taha was driving, Agent Usama ordered bureau officers to send men at Osama’s place. He also ordered to send high quality thermal cameras)

(At Osama’s place they stayed for around 25 minutes and they tried to explain everything to Osama… Osama was silent while they were explaining things, he was upset and he was shocked and then he started crying when he was told about his father’s abduction… he was not in his conscious… It was 7:00 pm in clock… Usama and Agent Taha came outside and they decided to give him some time… Specially Trained Officers were waiting outside… they were briefed by Agent Usama about the security criteria and to fix cameras at all four sides of his house. Then both of them sat in car headed to bureau office where Ali Iftikhar, Agent Tabish and Arqam were holding reports)

(7:28 pm at Bureau… Usama ‘having tea in his hand’, Agent Taha, Ali Iftikhar having Panadol and a glass of water, Tabish having some pages related to case, and Arqam Gadit with some more pages, all were sitting in office conference room)

Ali – “Listen… before you guys say anything… just… just wait and let me take this medicine”

(Everyone was looking at him – After 20 Seconds)

Ali – “WHAT?????”
Tabish – “You took almost half a minute to swallow that medicine… it was fun watching you”
Arqam – “Nice taunt”
Taha – “Ali… they are taunting you…”
Ali – “Yes…. I know”

(They all laughed…)

Taha – “Ok, guys… we have gathered here to get some updates”
Arqam – “Ok… here is the postmortem report”  
(Arqam giving report to Taha)

Arqam – “Firstly about Abdullah… he died because of internal injury… brain damaged from inside… caused by heavy external force… got no response time, died instantly, no alcohol, no chemical, nothing was found in his body… Tabish investigated car. So, he will tell his part… Ok, about his mother, similar fashion… perfect shot… 10 cm deep, 5° inclination, no response time, died instantly… my calculation says… Killer was around 1 kilometer away from the window. AND he was not in building… and…”
Usama – “And…?”
Arqam – “this was a ground shot… I mean in car… or something”
Taha – “Are you sure he was in car?”
Arqam – “Well my calculation says.”
Usama – “What about that bullet?”
Arqam – “I gave bullet to Tabish…”
Usama – “Ok…”

(Arqam sitting on his chair, meanwhile Ali Iftikhar standing up)

Ali – “After sending body for postmortem, I came here to get some sleep but you know… sleep is not in my fate… Well I received fax from General… And he said….”


(Ali paused for 10 seconds)

Usama – “Hey… you listen… Tell us, or get out”
Ali – “Well… General said… someone is joining our bureau…”
Usama – “What…?”
Arqam – “We don’t need him…”
Tabish – “That’s fish…?”
Usama –“Fish…?”
Tabish – “Oh… nothing, today I ate fish”
Taha – “by the way, tell us more about that ‘someone’”
Ali – “His name is….”

(Arqam loaded his gun and standing up)
Ali – “Whoa Whoa Whoa his name is not written here… he is coming tomorrow morning but he is a professor in applied mathematics… and one more thing… he is not he, actually it is she, I mean female Agent”
Taha – “Professor of applied mathematics… and female… hmm interesting”
Usama – “Ok, we will talk later about him, I mean her… Tabish…?”

(Tabish standing up… and Ali sitting)
(Tabish giving reports to Agent Usama)

Tabish – “first of all I want to tell you about the bullet that was found in her head… 85mm length, 13mm diameter, “.50 BMG Bullet”, used in M82A1 Rifle… Special scoped semi-automatic rifle used in military, specially used in target killing… and it seems that the killer was professional and trained…”
Taha – “hmmm”
Usama – “And what about the car…?”
Tabish – “Duh, two fingerprints found”
Arqam – “What?”
Taha – “…”
Ali – “two fingerprints…?”
Tabish – “I searched the database and one was Abdullah’s but…”
Taha – “But… Hey… I’ll shoot you”
Tabish – “Second one is your friend, Mustafa Hanif
(All of them looking at Agent Usama)

End of 2nd Episode

Chaos – The Pilot

June 9, 2009 2 comments


Episode 1 – The Pilot

(Phone rings)
Woman answers – “hello?”
Man – “who is this?”
Woman – “who are you?”
Man – “your son Abdullah is dead!! Pick him up from highway-625”
Woman – “What??”
(Call disconnected)

(Woman calling his son)
Woman – “hello Osama, you there?”
Osama – “Yes Mom, what happened to your tone?”
Woman – “Someone phoned me, telling that Abdullah is dead……”
(Call Disconnected)
Osama – “Mom???………. Mom…?”
(Osama is at office, sitting with his friend Agent Usama)
Usama – “Hey!! What happened? Hey, listen? What happened?”

(Pause of 5 seconds)
Osama – “I gotta go, talk to you later”
(he went without saying anything)

(Cell ringing – it’s Agent Taha)
Usama – “Yes Taha?”
Taha – “JB, it’s my wife’s birthday, and she has warned me that if I’ll not come this time……” (Intervene)
Usama – “lol, I understand. Ok, you can leave”
Taha – “Thanks JB”
Usama – “hey! Don’t forget to take her gift”
Taha – “ahan! Sure. Thanks for reminding”
Usama – “Allah Hafiz, take care”
(Call Ends)

(Cell ringing)
Usama – “Yes?”
Ali – “Sir, Ali Iftikhar here, where are you?”
Usama – “I am heading towards office”
Ali – “Sir, we received a phone call from local police of highway – 625, they’ve found a dead body”
Usama – “Then what are you waiting for? Secure the area; I am coming in 25 minutes, call Arqam to be there.”

(15 Minutes later)
(While Usama is driving he receives phone call… Caller ID says it’s Osama)
Usama – “Osama what happened?”
Osama – “Mom dead… come ASAP”
(Call disconnected)

(Usama calling Agent Taha)
Taha – “Yes JB?”
Usama – “dude you gotta move right now”
Taha – “We haven’t eaten yet”
Usama – “Listen, we have a situation here and I need you to move RIGHT NOW. Two dead bodies, one at highway – 625 and second is Osama’s Mom. So be at Osama’s, I am on my way to highway – 625. Any questions?”
Taha – “No”
(Call disconnected)

(10 Minutes later)
(At highway – 625)
Usama – “Yes Ali what’s the situation?”
Ali – “Well we have scrutinized and it was car accident, Simple”
Arqam – “JB, Why have you called me here?”
Usama – “Well, replacement of Taha, I am giving you a chance… you told me once that you are tired of investigating dead bodies”
Arqam – “Ok, Extra burden, no problem… I investigated the body… and as Ali said his death was caused by the car accident”
Usama – “How did this car accident happened, Ali?”
Ali – “Well, the brakes were not in working condition… Means brake failed, we’ve found some visa cards, and an NIC, which I gave to Tabish”

(Tabish came out from car)
Tabish – “Ok I found something interesting”
Usama – “Oh really… then tell us”
Tabish – “His name is Abdullah, Son of Mr. Khalid who is CEO in Zurich Bank…” (Intervene)
Usama – “Oh Zurich Bank… Irish registered credit institution right?
Tabish – “Yup and brother of Osama, your friend”
Usama – “wtf! Half and hour earlier Osama was very disturbed and he went home without telling me anything, then while I was driving he phoned me and said that his mom is dead.”

(10 Second Pause)

Ali – “What we have to do now?”
Usama – “Arqam, take body for postmortem, Tabish you go and find all information about his father and where he is, Ali you come with me… Ok let’s move MOVE!!”

(At Osama’s house)
Usama – “Ok we are here, what’s the progress Taha?”
Taha – “She was talking to his son and she got a clean head shot, her phone is in front of the window and that’s from where bullet came from (Pointing towards window)”
Ali – “Two dead bodies, Son and Mother, interval of 1 minute, Father in Zurich Bank, Osama, who is safe and a brilliant programmer.”
(All are listening to Ali)

Taha – “There is something that they want but from whom…”
Usama – “From his father…”
Ali – “Or from his son…”
Usama – “And Why?”

(Usama calling to Tabish)
Tabish – “Give me some time sir, I am working on it”
Usama – “Ok but we don’t have enough time, Where are you?”
Tabish – “4 kilometers away from office”
Usama – “Ok get some refreshment, because a lot of work has to be done”
Tabish – “That’s what I am doing here”
(Call disconnected)

Usama – “I think we can only wait for now”
Ali & Taha – “hmmm”

Usama – “Sam we will find them, Relax”
Ali – “Everything is gonna be fine”
Taha – “Trust us.”

Ali – “Osama, any doubt on any one, anyone from your family, friends, any one?”
Osama – “No”
Taha – “Any suspicious phone calls?”

Osama – “No… leave me alone, I don’t know anything how this happened just… Just leave me alone” (and we went in other room)

(All three of them talking about the scene which happened today, and took some decisions)
Usama – “Ali call the ambulance… we have to take his moms body to graveyard”

(Taha calls Arqam)
Taha – “No postmortem, take his body to graveyard, we will meet you there”
Arqam – “Thanks, I was already not in a mood to open this up…”

End of 1st Episode