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An open letter to the director of FAST Karachi – From Ali Abbas

This post is published by a great fastian who believe that FAST Khi system should be changed and we all should support him.

This is an open letter for Mr Asim-ur-Rehman who is currently the director of FAST-NU Karachi campus. I have no idea if this post will ever reach to him or if he would even read this (assuming he is always so busy in day dreaming) but I would really like my Fastian friends to spread the word in an attempt for getting this in the lime light. I am copying a draft of the original email received from a fellow Fastian in order to highlight the main issue.

“A relative, who’s son has been admitted to the BS program at FAST contacted me a few days back to discuss the matter. The gentleman, like most parents these days was worried about the exorbitant amount of fee being charged at the university. He told me that he had exhausted all his options to arrange the fee, but was unable to do so. Being family, he wanted to discuss if there was an option he could get a concession in the fee or at least, pay the fee in installments – his hope rooted in the false promise the university makes in its prospectus that it denies no student an admission because of financial reasons. Even though I have experienced FAST to be quite an apathetic institution with regards to its students/alumni, I hoped that the problem would be solved to some extent, at least. However, the university’s handling of the issue was absolutely pathetic. For starters, they didn’t pick up their phones (I personally made more than 50 calls at 6 or 7 different numbers in two days and got ONE of them answered). When one the guys did pick up from the accounts department, he expressed his complete lack of knowledge on anything related to the university and advised me to come over to the main campus. I visited the main campus this morning with the kid’s father (and the amount he was able to arrange). After getting a flat ‘not my domain’ answer from the manager academics, we were directed to contact the director, Mr. Asim Ur Rehman for the matter. I am very sorry to say that Mr. Asim’s words were extremely disappointing and totally inappropriate for a teacher. Not only did he reject all our requests to pay the fee in installments, he recommended the kid’s father to sell his house ornaments to get the remaining money. He clearly stated that if you can’t arrange the money, please don’t send your son here. When I mentioned the prospectus claiming that no student is rejected admission for financial reasons, he simply sat with a blank face. Upon his total rejection and apathy, when we request him to at least allow us an extra day to arrange the money, he said “You know, a bird in hand is better than two in the bush. I would not hold the seat if someone else comes to me with the money. You have to pay in full, there is absolutely no option”. I hope you can imagine the shock I had hearing a teacher referring to students as his prey, being a hunter.The kid’s father is disappointed that his son would not be able to attend the university, but to people with limited financial problems such disappointments are a routine. However, he was totally surprised and shocked to hear the words of the director, a “teacher”, which befit a petty shopkeeper. To see teachers upholding money over all other matters was troubling. In a way, I am glad that the kid would not be studying under such influences, I wonder the values they’d impart on him. Blatant lying, apathy and dishonesty. He could ‘learn’ that anywhere – his father shouldn’t pay a 100K now and then 80K every six months for that.”

Sir, I respect your position (that of a teacher) but really at the moment I want to curse you, slap you in the face and then drag you in-front of the father you insulted. Really? Is that the way to respond to a person who is trying to get his child a proper education? Do you have zero moral values? Did you even give a seconds thought before saying such a thing? Do you have any idea how much pain and embarrassment you caused to the father? Do you even know to what extent an average man goes just to fulfill his family needs? Was there really no other way to reject their plea for help? Okay you could do nothing about the fee schedule but at the very least you could have responded in a polite and humane manner?

I am pretty much sure you are aware of the reputation that follows you, students and teachers alike are fed up with you and your ignorant attitude. If you are not responsible enough to carry out the responsibilities of a Director then at least have the conscience to resign from your post and go back to the sluggish routine of yours which people term as teaching. (I have taken his course so I know what I am saying). This incident is just an apt example of your mental state which is nothing but sick and God have mercy on this institution and its future if it is continued to be administered by people such as you. Personally I feel you are not even qualified enough to become a teacher, no doubt you have a PHD and a Masters degree but is that all which counts? You clearly lack key communication skills such as even delivering your point to the students in an acceptable manner. Your voice is so bleak that it seems it is coming out of a pit hole, and I seriously doubt the people who made the decision to appoint you to this post. I am certain they too are now regretting the decision.

There is so much more I wish to say, but I guess there is no use. You sir are nothing but an cold block of ice. Ignorant and selfish, immune to any human feelings and or emotions. I really hope that one day you realize what you have done, and that day you beg for redemption but get none. Seriously you are a disgrace to the name of this prestigious institution. God bless Fast and Fastians

Original  Link: http://www.mera-vision.com/2011/08/01/open-letter-fast/

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