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Captivity of Negativity

Captivity of Negativity

Captivity of Negativity

I was reading an article on Captivity of Negativity and I found it fascinating not because this phrase “Captivity of Negativity” was highlighted by T-Bag in Prison Break but because this is something that we all are keen to. We all are used to it and we always want to shift towards it because we think that we are weak, ugly, pathetic, and regardless of what response we offer, someone is going to impair us.

I found out that there are two classes of people: victims and survivors. Everyone in this world faces hardship, disappointment, pain, and affliction but how you respond to these difficult conditions is what earns you a membership into one of the defined set.

Captivity of Negativity is nothing than a negative mind set, a type of depression in which individual feels negative about self and others. Such a person lives in a prison of his own making and which in effects the decision he or she makes. Solution is very straightforward but hard. Feel positive.

The reason of writing this article is to show you how we are captives of our own negativity. We are so used to living in the worse that when some positive thing comes along, we don’t even recognize it. God has created everyone unique. Each having wonderful personalities with extraordinary gifts that perfectly suits on them, which balances the nature and defines the glory of God.

I think what is most concerning here is when a person replaces gratefulness with complaining and trust with worry. They actually create a wall between themselves and God and miss the blessings of God. It does not matter what you have, are, or gone through, try to be positive, give gratitude to God for what you have, for what you have achieved so far and for everything that others don’t have it.

I am going to focus on negativity amongst us as an example. I am studying in one of the best university and I am thankful to God that I was given chance to study here. I was part of different competitions held in different universities. I went with my friends as delegate. Tried to figure out the differences between their and our university and naturally, we found dozens of differences. Some of us fall into the trap of inferiority because of difference in society, services and facilities. Some of us proclaimed that we are studying in torture and that we are far behind the curve. However, there are always some positive points. I am proud that I am studying in FAST because FAST has given me confidence in me, responsibility that I am capable of holding, and courage to fight. Trust me I was null before I came here. I learned a lot here and I am thankful to God for it.

It is incredibly easy to blame others and extremely hard to accept mistakes of yours. Similarly, it is easy to find negative points rather than positive points. If someone is blaming you, insulting you because you did something wrong then you should not worry about him or her. Take it in a positive way. Find the reason and then find the solution. Let me give you an example. I was updating my Facebook status and mistakenly I wrote, “Its rain here” Instead of, “It’s raining here”. Everyone affronted me but then I realized that hey! Perhaps this is the opportunity and that I should take it as positive. I did mistake because I am learner. I didn’t notice my mistake but my friends identified (in unexpected manner though) and this is my chance to improvise my mistake. I might have fought with them but then again this is what we are doing for years. Therefore, if you think that someone is insulting you because you have problem then try to get rid of that problem rather than fighting with him or her or blaming for what they did.

So last but not the least our captivity is dependent on how we handle these issues. Everything counts. So, be positive, honest and always justify. I know there are hundreds of mistakes in this article but if I continue like this then one day, there will be only one (followed by zero zeroes) mistake, and I’ll feel proud of my positive actions.

Therefore, if we have negative attitudes, these negative attitudes affect what we expect of ourselves which in turn, affects our actions. For example, those with the negative attitude that they ‘can’t do math,’ are almost assured of trouble when attempting math. A negative attitude limits performance, saps motivation, and inhibits learning (Journal of Health Psychology, Vol. 4, No. 3, 1999).

  1. April 20, 2010 at 11:21 PM

    Its good to see you write on the philosophical and psychological side of literature. Its always a pleasure to read your stuff … keep writing.

  2. April 20, 2010 at 11:25 PM

    you really pointed out one of the major issue of our society. I am also trying to improve myself from this.

  3. April 20, 2010 at 11:25 PM

    Nice POST!! Every Oder Time I read Yu… I Find Alot more Trust in Yur Writing! Yu Are Seriously Proving Your-Self Every-Time Better, Bettterrr.. and BETTER ! =]]]

    Keep IT Goin.!

  4. Samia
    April 20, 2010 at 11:32 PM

    Very well written Mashallah. This is the most affecting piece of writing I have ever read. Its influencing me 😛
    Good job =)

  5. Muhammad Usama
    April 20, 2010 at 11:51 PM

    thnx for liking it…

  6. April 21, 2010 at 2:10 PM

    Very well written! And very true indeed. You should see the short movie ‘Boundin’ by Pixar, it deals with the same topic.

    Hey, we were just joking about the rain.. obviously our intent is never to insult you! 🙂

  7. zubair
    April 21, 2010 at 6:23 PM

    excellent productivity ! keep it up

  8. Osama
    April 21, 2010 at 10:02 PM

    very true! =)

  9. April 23, 2010 at 3:49 PM

    Finally, figured out how to post a comment on a blog, aaalaa jb buhat aalaaa. very
    philosophical and a good effort

  10. May 1, 2010 at 10:10 PM

    On the net none of this is there

  11. July 4, 2011 at 10:43 AM

    Very Good Article….Just loved it..Keep writing

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