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Motivation is a key to Success @ Part 2

First of all Assalamualaikum, I hope you all are having a nice time. Last time, we discussed about the important of confidence. Today, we are going to shed light on lack of focus, the second aspect, and killer, of motivation.

Developing tangible focus requires confidence plus extra energy. How many times we focus on what we don’t want rather than on a concrete goal? We usually think in terms of fear. Like I don’t want to be poor, I’m afraid that no one will respect, I can’t face them because they will not respect me, I don’t want to be alone and when this happens, fear overwhelms and then it feeds on itself and drains our motivation.

So what’s the solution of this fear based thinking? How we can get rid of this? The first step is focusing that energy on a well defined goal. Focus on the consequences, and advantages; try to understand what you have done so far, what you are doing right now, and what you need to do to achieve your goals. By daily practicing it, this will become your habit and once this will become your habit then no one can stop you from being a successful person.

By focusing your mind on a positive goal instead of an ambiguous fear, your brain starts working properly and it automatically formulates the necessary steps in order to achieve success. This way, you start doing something instead of worrying. You motivate yourself to take actions.

Next important aspect of motivation is direction – head start of your success, which I am not going to discuss right now because this aspect only works if you are confident and focused.

My friend ask me yesterday that why I am writing this crap? And what I am trying to do? Well there are following reasons.

I want to encourage my friends that they are missing the most important ingredient of success. Still, when we make project groups we need to consider the “balancing aspect”. We need to think about those who are weak – don’t mind but this happens every time. And this is not because they are mentally retarded, or they are sick but this is only because that they are not motivated enough. They don’t try, and even if they try, they give up.

I want to encourage that you are not here to just get BS degree and a job of 20K to 30K in some xyz company. Your goals should be beyond than simply doing a job and getting degree. Although, job is very important but this should not be your goal. You are special and God has given you an opportunity to study in one of the best university, avail it, work hard and get yourself involve in entrepreneurship. That’s what Bill Gates did.

I want to tell that how easily money can be earned; there are infinite creative ideas and ways to earn (halal) money. The only problem is that our horizon is surrounded by fear, anxiety and doubts.

    So, these were some of the reasons I initiated.

    With great power comes great responsibility – from Spider-Man movie.

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    1. October 5, 2010 at 8:20 PM

      Well said JB.

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