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3rd Episode – The Pattern

Chaos - The Big Bang

3rd Episode – The Pattern

“Hello, can I talk to Mr. Mustafa Hanif?”
“Yes! You are talking to a right person. How can I help you?”
“This is Agent Taha and we need to talk. Be at Osama’s house in half an hour”
“Whoa Whoa… I have to go somewhere.”
“No, you aren’t going anywhere. Be there in half an hour.” He hangs it up then.

After half an hour Agent Taha was sitting right in front of them. They were already there. He felt he was late. “I am here to ask couple of questions but before I start let me tell you that this meeting is unofficial. Ok?” “Got it”, confirmed by Osama.

“I have that both of you, Nikki and Agent Usama studied together in MIT. Am I right?” “Yes you are right”, confirmed by Mustafa Hanif. He was pissed off because he canceled the date.

“On the day of escape Nikki said that Agent Usama did something unusual with her too, when they were studying in MIT. I want to know what happened exactly.”

“Hmmm, I do remember one incident which happened on Veteran’s Day. Nikki slapped Usama after reading some kind of letter, which was given to her by Usama earlier”

“And I saw her weeping… crocodile tears.” Added by Mustafa Hanif

“What letter?”
“Well I don’t know what was written in that letter but Usama said that he passed his first assignment”
“What assignment?”
“He informed me that he was selected as Agent and that he got some kind of assignment which was supposed to be cleared”

“Oh!” Agent Taha smiled and asked, “What year was that?” “Hmmm, I guess 3 to 4 years back. We were in a final year”

“Ok. Thank you for helping. I got my answer”, he stood up and walked towards the door. As he opened the door Mustafa Hanif requested, “Hey, can you elaborate?”

“Well, he lied. He is working with us from the very first day of MIT but I still don’t know… this mystery of letter… He never informed me about letter… but thanks anyways.”


Agent Taha was, sitting in his office, thinking about the letter. He was trying to connect the dots but he knew he was failing. He knew there was this missing piece which he was unable to figure it out. While thinking about the letter he was looking at the white board, “Why 625? What is inside that letter? Why Massachusetts Bay Colony?” he wondered. It was all chaos for him.


It was a dark room and Agent Usama was sitting on a chair, which was positioned middle. He was unable to move as he was tightened with cables. He was mentally active and was trying to figure out the location. He was trying to listen outside world but he realized that room was sound proof. What he heard was the opening of air tight door. He focused on the door and sensed some people were approaching. They circled around him. He felt they were kind of body guard. He was trying to memorize their faces but they were wearing masks so, he failed. Then he sensed someone else. He was the same person who phoned one of his men regarding Massachusetts Bay Colony accident. As he approached him one of his men sited a chair in front of Agent Usama and then he sat.

“I know you have a lot of questions in your mind. After all you have done a great job but you have to be patient”, He introduced himself, “My name is Akif and I am the one…” Agent Usama intervened and said, “Whatever you are, whoever you are… My people will get you”. Akif laughed, “This is not gonna happen. Nikki, as you know already, is reporting every single detail. You betrayed them…  According to them, you are the traitor.”

“You will see soon. This is just a matter of time”

“They will never find you”

Agent Usama suddenly changed the topic;

“You got what you wanted. Device is working. Now what you want”
“Well I ain’t the one who take decisions so, we can’t free you and her.” This was the first time when Akif talked about “her”.

Akif was born in Kanye, Botswana. He was shifted to East London with his parents, south of South Africa. His father was a fisherman and started a small business in Southernwood. Akif was grown there. He was fifteen when his father and mother died in a car accident. He wanted to look after his business but his father’s partner wrapped up whole, sold everything illegally and ran away.

Akif was sharp and he always got 1st position in school but there was no back for him and he felt his career in darkness. One day he was sitting in agony, outside his flat, and crying, when a big guy came, sat beside him, explained things, which changed his entire life. Since then he is working for him. Last time he, was witnessed, was in 23rd Street of Haven Hills. It was a dark street and he was standing right in front of him. He wanted to take revenge so he pulled the trigger. It was his debut. He finally killed his father’s partner. He was then moved away from Africa.


Agent Taha was right in front of MIT gate. He was hoping to find missing piece but MIT was not a small building of 2 floors. He was having a master plan of MIT in his hand. He didn’t know where to start. As he was looking the blue print something flickered in his mind. He saw the hostel area in master plan and found out that MIT hostel has 6 blocks. “What if 625 is a pattern, or a route”, he wondered “four blocks are for men and 2 for women.”  He was confused but somehow he got a bit which might clear this anonymity.

“If 6 is number of blocks and 2 is a floor number, then 5 must be a room number”, he wondered and moved towards reception area.

End of 3rd Episode

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    ok Again…. What Happens Next?? =P

  2. Junaid
    June 2, 2010 at 1:47 AM

    nice… good work…

  3. June 2, 2010 at 2:25 AM

    nice … last paragraphs were nicely done.

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