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5th Episode – Flashback


Previously on Chaos – The Master Planner
(Two deaths. Osama received the ransom sms and they demanded his work in exchange of his father. Agents decided to develop fake software for suspects. Agents also copied the original copy for backup.)

5th Episode – Flashback

According to prognosticator’s report, the sun is not supposed to look down onto Massachusetts Bay Colony. It is Veterans Day today and its 11:00am sharp. People are crossing the threshold of the Johnston gate as a ceremony of Armistice Day is going to start in an hour. Children are holding balloons in their softy hands. Various students are doing rehearsals at old yard of Harvard while others, surrounding them, are scrutinizing their artistic presentation.

Passing Johnston gate, the second incarnation of Harvard Hall can be seen where various stalls, from food stuff to books, have been organized. History says that the first Harvard Hall was burned in 1764 which included furniture, memorable pictures, paintings, cloths, scientific equipments and the college library including the legendary, John Harvard’s book collection. One book of his collection was saved by a student who had taken it out last night. As the worth of the book was understandable, the student returned it to President of the College who thanked him adequately and expelled him from the College for taking the book without permission.

After passing Massachusetts Hall, which is served by the soldiers of Continental Army in Revolutionary War, and Meyer gate, Science Center arrives where different science competitions, from software to hardware to biometrics, are supposed to take place after ceremony.

One of the students named Osama Khalid is preparing final test of his first biometric identification system. He notices that his best friend, Usama, is not there. Mustafa who is sitting beside him, and welding the circuit, burned the chip. He knew that this was going to happen. So he spent extra money to get more chips. Osama, while looking at the burned chip, and thinking curiously about JB, said, “You Moron… what the hell did you do?” “Relax… I have one extra chip left. Just give me 5 minutes… I can fix this”. Osama who was really pissed off said, “One more mistake and we are out of this competition” “Ok… don’t spell disaster… Why don’t you get some rest? You haven’t slept for two days”. Couple of minutes later Osama said, “Ok I am going but have you seen JB?” “Yeah I saw him earlier walking towards Memorial Hall”

As their talk ends, Osama moves towards Memorial Hall, which commemorates Harvard men who died in Civil War while fighting for the Union and where Students dine in Annenberg Hall, which was situated at one end of the building. Osama was hoping JB to be there dining with Nikki Betancourt.

Nikki Betancourt was not only a group partner of JB but she was his best friend. The strong friendship between four friends, which includes Mustafa and Osama, and their stories are still talked about ­­­in the vicinity of Harvard.

Annenberg Hall covers an expansive 9,000 square feet. Architectural features include great hammer beam trusses, stenciled ceiling, and walnut paneling. Over the hall, on the east end, the creative stairway chain leading to the tower meeting rooms works with the ceiling trusses and the polychromatic  brick wall to create countless geometric patterns. Annenberg Hall houses a vast collection of paintings, sculptures and stained glass, giving the look of a Cathedral.

It takes Osama trice to uncover JB. And after sitting adjacent to him Osama notices the expression of JB and he says, “What happened?” Usama who is a good looking guy fares to answer his question, “They selected me as an agent”. After couple of flashes Osama asks, “So, what’s the problem? Aren’t you happy? Huh”

“Thing is that they have given me my first practical assignment, which I think is stupid, brainless, and… and futile.” Osama, smiling, asked, “And what is that futile assignment?” “You will see soon” and then there was quietness between them.

After a couple of minutes Nikki comes in. She is annoyed and she has one paper, which was sent by JB earlier. Osama who is looking at her realizes the fumes on her face and says, “Hey! Was sup” but she didn’t reply and she passes by him and comes in front of Usama and without a single word she slaps Usama. The sound echoed in the Cathedral and everyone single student were looking at them.

“What the hell do you think of yourself? How dare you write this crap? Huh”

“There are some reasons.”

“Reasons… What reasons?”

“I can’t tell…”

“You know what? I hate you… I just hate you… you shouldn’t have done this… shouldn’t…” and she left the Hall with tears in her eyes. Osama who was in a big shock, closes his mouth, and says, “What was that?” “I think I cleared my first assignment.” After a couple of seconds Osama breaks the silence and says “That’s shit Ok… you can’t do this… I am going to tell her” Usama intervened and said “NO… listen to me. If you do this they will take this job back. This assignment is my test and I have to clear it… listen. This job is my dream… and you can’t take it from me… I told you because you are my best friend”

They talked for about half an hour and finally decided to confer later. Mustafa who somehow managed to fix the chip saw Nikki weeping. It was then when everyone heard the announcement of Remembrance Day, which is going to start in 5 minutes.

The loud noise flashes agent Usama back to reality. “What the hell happened?” says Usama who was still adjusting himself between the two existences. “Nothing… haven’t expected red light too soon.” “Whatever, I have headache… can you drop me… I am unable to concentrate” “Are you crying? You have tears in your eyes” “No. Nothing… I am fine, just want to relax” “Ok dude… no problem”

It is 7:20pm when Agent Taha drops Agent Usama. He still has to go to bureau where Agent Nikki was working on the timeline.

End of 5th Episode

  1. zubair
    March 1, 2010 at 9:21 PM

    i like the way u grabbed my attention fom begining to the end latter of dis story .. really v nice work ..

  2. AI
    March 1, 2010 at 10:59 PM

    JB very nice…..You have developed as a writer!!
    Can’t wait for the next episode!

  3. Osama
    March 2, 2010 at 6:48 PM

    I agree with AI 🙂 great stuff! I loved the details you gave about the environment!

    • Usama
      March 2, 2010 at 7:21 PM


  4. March 2, 2010 at 9:34 PM

    Nicely written! 🙂

  5. March 6, 2010 at 8:31 PM

    nice nice

  6. Anum
    March 11, 2010 at 12:29 AM

    Well.. this is awesome.. 🙂 i like the harvard description the most!!! and its awesome truly.. !!

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