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4th Episode – Exchange


Previously on Chaos – The Master Planner
(Two deaths, first one was car accident. Agent Ali reported that accident was due to failure of breaks. The other death was Osama’s mother getting shot by a sniper.  Agents concluded that the work Osama is doing is the actual reason behind these killings and his father’s abduction. Nikki, who joined the Bureau yesterday, requested timeline of the case. It was 9:30am when Agent Usama, sitting with his team in conference room, received a phone call from Osama and was told about the sms he received – ‘father in exchange of your work’)

4th Episode – Exchange

“Ok guys we have to leave right now, Osama received a SMS… asking million dollar work in exchange of his father” says Agent Usama as he stood up taking his keys and moved towards the door. Agent Taha who was still sitting drew plans in split second in his mind and said in a vexed manner “Nikki, Agent Ali is working on the timeline you requested… so, I want you to stay here and give me detailed report of every single second”

After couple of minutes Agent Tabish was having a cup of tea while Agent Farhan was complaining about the behavior of Agent Nikki to Agent Arqam. On the other hand, Agent Usama was driving a car while Taha was thinking about the case and the text that Osama received.

It was 10:00am when special agents’ bulletproof car screeched in front of Osama’s house. Agent Usama opened the car door and moved towards the door while Agent Taha was looking at the camera, they installed the day before for security. After a while, Osama opened the door and they moved inside while the bureau security guard took the keys and walked towards the car to close the door which Agent Usama forgot to close.

“So… you ok?” says Usama in a polite manner, as both Agents were noticing the sweat and depression level of Osama. Agent Usama moved forward towards him and said “Relax… listen… you have to be strong… Ok… you need to tell us what happened exactly…”

“Last night I was too much depressed and I was unable to sleep… so, I took some sleeping drugs and then… when I walked up and checked my cell… I found out this sms from private number, which I talked about earlier. I tried calling back but the cell was off.”, says Osama who was working on Riemann’s Hypothesis and had found a major breakthrough.

Agent Usama was scrutinizing the phone and reading the sms that Osama had received in middle of the night. He also noticed the private number and tried once again to call but no one responded. Usama, while sitting on the sofa, said “I don’t know who are they but one thing is sure that they are very smart.” Taha who was looking at the bullet hole in the window questioned, “Osama… what do you think, what will be the worth of your work?” Agent Usama intervened and replied “$50 Million… but the question is how would anyone know what he is up to?” Taha didn’t take a single second to answer this question and replied “well, infinite possibilities… maybe Mustafa. He knew what Osama was up to.” Osama looked up and said in confident manner, “No… Mustafa cannot do this… In fact, he can’t even think about this”. After couple of seconds Agent Usama asked Taha to look the place where sniper was expected in report. When agent Taha left the house agent Usama looked at Osama and said, “Do you remember Nikki Betancourt when we were in Harvard…” Osama replied, “Yeah!! One who hated you?”… Usama smiled and said “Yeah… she is a professor in Applied Mathematics, teaching at Oxford, and solving this case… joined bureau.” Osama asked while he was in a big shock, “Did she recognize you?” Agent Usama took a while and said “yeah… the way she looked at me when I was explaining things… btw she is very smart… you know she didn’t let anyone know… that she knows us”. As they were smiling Agent Taha entered the house and informed, “Arqam was right… I found tyre prints… I think they came in Armored SUV, pattern says Hummer H2.” This changed the mood of Osama and he said “Listen, I want my father back, I am ready to give them whatever they want.” Both agents were looking at him. Agent Usama said “We have to wait for their call… btw can you show us your work”

Osama took the agents in his lab for the first time. There was very little free space and the room was filled with wires and computer related stuff. Also, there were three different big computer screens side by side and different types of biometric identification system. Osama logged into his computer with one of the biometric identification system and both agents were looking at his curve sharpness. The way Osama was using the computer was really impressive and after a couple of minutes those $50m equations were in front of them. Although both agents were not getting anything out of them, Osama said “Now, I am simulating to show you how is this gonna work.”

Both agents were shocked to see the bureau database in front of them. Although there were other encryptions to protect the data but his experiment had breached the database security. Usama smiled and said, “Do you know what you are doing?” upon this Osama replied “Yeah!! But I haven’t done anything wrong and one thing more… I want my work to be in good hands” Taha who was just observing took a part in conversation and said “I have a great idea… what if we make this software fake… I mean if we give a fake copy of this software to them and then when they will use it they will have a fake interface and software will signal us, and we can triangulate their location to trace them.” Agent Usama also added “Yeah!! Great idea, but we also need to have a backup of this software so…” Osama intervened and said “Ok, I don’t have any problem. But I need 4 hours for this job”

5:00pm. Agent Usama is copying the software in his laptop and is ready to leave for Bureau. Agent Taha is trying to trace the location of vehicle.

End of 4th Episode

  1. February 5, 2010 at 5:35 PM

    NiCe!! SinCe WheN Yu aRE WritIng suCH gOOd EngLIsH?? =P

    When shuD wE xpECt neXT ePisOdE??

    • Muhammad Usama
      February 5, 2010 at 6:30 PM

      lolz.. i am not at all good in english, Arqam helped me in this… next episode will come soon inshallah

  2. February 5, 2010 at 7:16 PM

    @Hafiz. Why the hell do you write such complex writing.

    At Usama … great stuff, nice ideas.

  3. February 6, 2010 at 6:16 PM

    great short episode , given you one idea , do implement that in your next work !

  4. February 6, 2010 at 7:39 PM

    (Y) Buht tight.. try the GRE words 😛

    • Muhammad Usama
      February 7, 2010 at 7:39 AM

      thnx… i’ll try my best 🙂

  5. Osama
    March 2, 2010 at 6:40 PM

    awesome! I do remember the fake software scene from a movie or a tv-series 😀

    loved it!

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