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3rd Episode – Elucidate


Previously on Chaos – The Master Planner
(Two deaths, one at Osama’s house and the other at highway – 615, on investigation, first one was Osama’s mother and she was shot by sniper, another was car accident. Agent Ali reported that accident was due to break failure, on further scrutinizing the car, Tabish found that finger print was Mustafa Hanif’s. Mr. Khalid, father was Osama was abducted when Agent Usama and Agent Taha went to his house)


3rd Episode – Elucidate

All the agents are in conference room, it is 8:00pm. “So much happened today… we got nothing; we have no evidence except the bloody fingerprint of Mustafa…” says Usama in a confused manner. Taha is dissecting the reports given by Arqam and Tabish. There is a silence and everyone is thinking something. The only voice to be heard is ‘turning of pages’ and, of-course, ticking of wall clock. After evaluating, Taha says, “I think we should get some sleep. So, this ends here. I want everyone in bureau tomorrow early in the morning… any questions?” It seems there are no questions to be asked. So, the meeting comes to an end and in 10minutes the conference room was in dark.

Usama is driving to home and thinking about something, it was after five minutes when Agent Usama calls his friend, Osama. “Yes Usama” “Listen… I have to tell you about your work to Bureau, because I think what you are up to is the actual reason behind what happened today. I know you are not ready but I need to discuss it with my agents and this is the last option I am left with”, says Agent Usama. “If you have already decided then what was the reason of calling”, Osama says in a dejected manner. “Listen I am proud of your work, I phoned you because I need your permission”, says by Usama. On this Osama said “Ok, do your job. You can check my alumni, my bank account and anything you want… JUST… find that bastard”. The conversation was over when Usama said “take care, we will find them”

On the other hand Taha is driving and thinking about Mustafa Hanif, Agent Ali in his own car is discussing the case with Arqam, who was unable to drive.

Tabish at his home was about to sleep, his house is 5 minute walking distance from Bureau.

It was dawn when a lady announced about the landing of flight ‘EK-605’ at the airport. The new Bureau Agent was in immigration line whereas officer from bureau was waiting for welcome After couple of minutes, when the officer realized that she is the lady who he is looking for, came outside with her luggage… She looked around with her eagle eyes and instantaneously she identified the officer who was in ‘informed uniform’. She came to him and said, “You must be Farhan?” Officer Farhan, who is the fastest driver and best in handling complex accounts in bureau, replied “Oh, yeah… how did you know my name?” she replied “Well, General told me about the properties of yours. So, I identified” she seemed to be very fast. Officer Farhan got a bit confused but somehow he managed himself and asked “by the way General forget to tell me about your properties” she replied and smiled “may be he didn’t want to” which infuriated Farhan.

On the way to Bureau she extracted all possible information from Officer Farhan regarding the case, she was shrewd and her intelligence was the only reason that she was transferred to one of the best organizations in world. Officer Farhan also gave her case file so she can adjust herself with current progress on which other Agents were about to meet in two hour. After half an hour something happened and she lost control and she got pushed to the other side of the car. She found out that it was a sharp turn and Officer Farhan forgot to lower the speed, which resulted in loosing the effectiveness of centripetal force. She was annoyed and said “I was told that you are the best driver, I say you are THE CRAZY DRIVER” Officer Farhan said “Well this was the treat of what you said before” she replied “then I must say that you are infected with vengeance”

Officer Farhan left her at her house which was allotted by Bureau; it was five minutes walking distance from the bureau. Officer Farhan then headed to bureau.

It was 9:05am when Agents came in conference room, as they entered the room the lady was already there. Taha was in front so he came forward and said “Hi, This is Agent Taha, Mechanical Engineer from MIT” She replied “This is Agent Nikki… Nikki Betancourt, professor in Applied Mathematics at Oxford” they both shake hand then Taha introduced everyone to Nikki “This is Agent Usama, Computer Scientist, working in NEHI Group” Nikki replied “NEHI? You mean Nanotechnology Environmental and Health Implications” Agent Usama smiled and said “Actually… writing paper for NEHI… but I work in Cognitive Science… btw meet other members” Usama then pointed to Ali and said “Special Agent Ali Iftikhar,  Specialized in Aeronautical Engineering from Stanford University, This is Arqam, working in fringe science division… I mean biology stuff. And this is Agent Tabish, Computer Scientist, just completed his paper work on Linguistics. So, this is what we are… small team having high intelligence power” after introduction they all sat on their chairs including Nikki then Taha said “we need to elucidate the entire case here, we need to scrutinize every second, how things happened and we need to find answers, and Agent Usama you have to tell us about Mustafa Hanif because we found his finger prints on the car at crime scene, do you want to say anything Nikki?” She said “Negative… Sir”, then Taha turned to Usama and requested to tell about suspect. Usama, after thinking for couple of seconds, stood up, took the marker and walked towards the white board then he wrote the simple equation on which Nikki replied “Is this Riemann Hypothesis?”  “Yeah, generalized Riemann Hypothesis… ok, I’ll talk abstract…”, he then lowered his face; it seemed he is preparing something and then he said “Investigating Prime numbers has generalized many problems in pure mathematics, Riemann analyzed the pattern which we call the distribution of prime number but it’s not yet been proved, its conjecture and Riemann relates it to the root function which we call today Riemann Zeta Function. Thing is, there is a connection between Riemann Zeta function and distribution of Prime Numbers and if we prove this hypothesis then… do you know what will happen” everyone was quiet and listening to what Agent Usama was trying to say, he never spoke like this before. After couple of seconds Usama said “if we prove this hypothesis we can find the factor of large numbers or large prime numbers, and if achieve this… we can break the internet security bridge, we can go directly in FBI System, we can get whatever information we want, we can transfer money from bank account in seconds…”  Tabish replied in a confused manner “what’s the connection of this theory with the case?” “Osama is working on this hypothesis for 10 Years and he thinks that he has found breakthrough and Mustafa Hanif knows about his work. Me, Mustafa and Osama, we studied in the same university… Harvard, Mustafa was involved in ‘Indirect detection experiments’… hmm… his work was related to Dark Matter, he thinks that we can detect the dark matter of this universe” Tabish Intervened “does Dark Matter exists in Universe?” Usama smiled and answered “90% matter of this universe comes in this zone…” he changed the topic and said “So, the day before two murders. Osama invited us… I mean me and Mustafa…  it was -/a small get together and there, we found out that proposal of experiment on which Mustafa was working was rejected by Company. So, he was upset… he also fought with us and then later Abdullah dropped him in the same car which was at highway – 615, which also shows how fingerprints came at the crime scene”

This all conversation brought new questions in everyone’s mind, which were chaos and dubious, as there was pin drop silence in conference room Nikki said “hmmm, listen guys; we have to start from somewhere, hmmm… I want timeline of the case… which I think will clear some doubts… I mean why Abdullah went at highway – 615, what was he doing there…” Agent Ali replied “Ok… I think I got this task…” and he went out from the conference room…

As other agents in conference room were drawing Plans, Agent Usama received a phone call, Usama said to everyone “Osama on phone” he then picked up the call and Osama answered “Come fast, I received SMS from them” this agitated Agent Usama “from whom” Osama replied “I don’t know, SMS says ‘father in exchange of your work’

End of 3rd Episode

  1. July 23, 2009 at 2:53 PM

    Hot stuff! 😀 You’re really getting good at this (Y) Loved the part about the reimann hypothesis 😛

  2. July 23, 2009 at 2:56 PM

    Awesome story , science fiction, maths . It has everything.

    Excited to see my character involved in DARK MATTERs 😀

    Waiting for the next one

  3. Osama
    July 23, 2009 at 4:33 PM

    😀 haha, aala! Khalid sahab got abducted!

    Agent Usama’s character resembles that of Charlie’s 😀

    Loved it!

  4. July 23, 2009 at 7:38 PM

    Intriguing stuff man….its getting exciting……
    waysay aur kitni ep’s aur hain??

    • Muhammad Usama
      July 24, 2009 at 12:02 PM

      😀 it depends on my mood… lolz

  5. Tasmiyah
    July 24, 2009 at 3:08 PM

    oh my! oh my! Superb really! =D

    The effort you put into this episode is clearly visible. I must say, you have adopted very well to this new style.

    And yes, Agent Usama is a lot like Charlie =D =D woh aur baat hai ke uss ne jo bhi kaha related to Riemann Hypothesis – sar pe se guzar gaya mere, haha =P How did you come up with this? 😀

    Magnificently written. The story is getting very interesting.

    • Muhammad Usama
      July 24, 2009 at 3:12 PM

      first of all BIG THANKS :D… Riemann Hypothesis bohat dino se dimag mai chal raha tha… waise this is not the only Hypothesis…. this is just a beginning abhi bohat kuch ayega agay… about THE STYLE, bohat mushkil tha, Credit goest to Arqam who gave his important time to this stuff…

      • Tasmiyah
        July 24, 2009 at 3:20 PM

        😀 bohat tyte likhi hai 😀

  6. July 24, 2009 at 4:46 PM

    bht nyCe =)

    tHiS epiSOdE tOOk a liL lOnGeR… bT hAD ReAl wORtHie mAteriAl tO REaD!! =)

    hATs oFF AgenT UsaMa =)

  7. July 24, 2009 at 5:44 PM

    Very nicely written!
    I reckon the language sometimes gets just a fraction too strong, for instance, the 2nd last line of para no. 2.

    The investigation part is hotting up now! 😀 Good job! 🙂

  8. July 25, 2009 at 12:28 PM


    I was just reading in rhythm then it came to ‘father in exchange of your work’…..

    ITNA GHUSSA AYA HAI !!! itney jaldi story kaisey khatam hogai..
    o bhei jaldi next part nikal werna ghar akey tumhara murder hojayega…

  9. Junaid
    July 25, 2009 at 1:22 PM

    bht fit… reimann wali cheez bht fit thie… aala… yar jaldi jaldi nikal episodes… weekly nikala kar…

  10. Umer
    July 25, 2009 at 5:47 PM

    very well written u r really becoming good at it .. 😀 😀

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