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2nd Episode – Abduction


Previously on Chaos – The Master Planner
(Two deaths, one at Osama’s house and the other at highway – 615, on investigation, first one was Osama’s mother and she was assassinated, another was car accident. Agent Ali reported that accident was due to break failure… Agent Usama, Agent Taha and Agent Ali are at Osama’s house, Usama told Ali to call ambulance to take Osama’s mother to graveyard whereas Agent Taha phoned Arqam and told him to stop  investigating his body(Abdullah’s body) and to take his body to the same graveyard where they are going to meet in 30 minutes)


2nd Episode – Abduction

Ali – “Sir, I think we should send bodies for postmortem”
Usama – “We can’t do this; Osama will not give us permission.”
Taha – “Usama, I think Ali is right…”
Ali – “Sir, If we will not get postmortem report then we will never know how this happened”
(Usama thinking…)
Usama – “Ok, investigate then”
Ali – “Ok Sir… Taha, I think you should tell Arqam to continue investigating his brother’s body…”
Taha – “Ok”

(Ali preparing to take body for post mortem)

(Ali and his team took the body in a car to Investigation Centre where Arqam was investigating Abdullah’s body.)

(Usama and Taha are still at crime scene, both are looking at the window)
Usama – “Can you see the bullet hole? What do you think Taha?”
Taha – “I am thinking about his father”

(Usama looking at Taha)
Usama – “means?”
Taha – “Osama is safe here, but his father isn’t. We are in a situation where anything may happen to him … we should move his father, because he doesn’t know anything about what’s happening.”
Usama – “I HOPE WE AREN’T LATE… let’s move then” 

(Usama & Agent Taha sitting in car to take his father)

(His father’s name is Mr. Khalid who works in Zurich Bank, his house is located 25 Kilometers away from highway – 615. So, it takes approximately 30 minutes to drive from his wives’ house)

Taha – “How much time it would take?”
Usama – “30 minutes”
Taha – “Oh… can I get some sleep?”
Usama – “No, give me company or I’ll throw you out …”
Taha – “Listen, If I were you I shouldn’t have said this”
Usama – “Oh really? You are saying because you are not driving”
Taha – “Naa… I love driving”
Usama – “Ok… then let me give you this steering”
(Usama slowing down car)

Taha – “Hey, you don’t have to do this, I am not sleeping… now DRIVE”
Usama – “ahan, but you love driving I think?”
Taha – “Oh, I love driving when I am with my wife”
Usama – “ha-ha… liar…”

(Both stopped talking for a while but then…)

Usama – “Hey… Yesterday I had an argument with a 7 year old boy. He said Obama was the 44th president and I said he was 42nd. Guess who was right?”
Taha – “Of course young boy, I know you well”


(Taha start laughing)


Usama – “What you think of me? Haan?)
Taha – “Ok tell me, What’s your car number plate number”
Usama – “lol, Before this you tell me your phone number)
Taha – “Oh, my phone number is ‘4563215’ and car number is ‘AZH-568’, anything else”

(Usama stopped the car in front of the petrol pump and came out)
Usama – “Actually I am holding high pressure for about two hours…”

(Taha watching Usama, he is going to toilet side… Taha smiled then stretched himself like he is trying to relax himself. Usama came back after 5 minutes sat in car and saw that Taha was sleeping… he started the engine which awakened Taha … and after 40 minutes of drive they finally stopped the car in front of Mr. Khalid’s house…)

(Both coming out of the car)

Usama – “Are you ready?”
Taha – “Yes”

(Both standing at the main door, rang the bell but no one responded)
(They stood there for 2 minutes and then they decided to move IN, they loaded their guns, decided that Taha will check ground floor and Usama will go directly upstairs)


(1… 2… 3… and they broke the door like Special Forces does and they rushed inside)
Taha (Loudly)– “FBI, THIS IS AGENT TAHA…”


(Taha was moving fast trying to find his father)
(Same was the case on 1st Floor)

Usama (Loudly) – “CLEAR… no dead body, no evidence… IT’S NOTHING HERE, his father is gone”
Taha – “it’s CLEAR… but I have found an ENVELOP, come here”

(Usama coming downstairs, taking envelop from Taha)

Usama – “nothing is written on it…”

(Usama opened the envelop… taking a page out on which some message was given)

Taha – “What’s in it?”
Taha – “What?”
Usama – “this is what it says…”
Taha – “Someone knew… that we were coming”

(Taha was angry; he was throwing things here and there)

Usama – “HEY HEY HEY… Stop OK”
Taha – “we don’t have any single evidence, we have nothing…”
Usama – “We will catch them… OK… relax”
Taha – “His after is abducted… and we are late, and you want me to relax”
Usama – “Listen, one thing is common here, they are not trying to kill his father, they just kidnapped him”
Taha – “What you mean?”
Usama – “I mean, whoever they are, they will negotiate… ‘Father in exchange of something that they want from Osama’… They killed Abdullah and his mom to weaken Osama… they will try to contact”
Taha – “It’s all Chaos”


(Usama at phone, calling investigation team to collect evidence i.e. finger prints)

Officer – “Sir, it will take us 30 minutes to be there”
Usama – “Ok, come ASAP”

(Usama sitting on the sofa… taking T.V remote control in his hand”
Taha – “What are you doing?”
Usama – “Investigation team is coming in 30 minutes … and we can’t leave this place before they come”
Taha – “Oh… but why you are changing channels… are you trying to tune Sports Channel”
Usama – “Yups baby… Liverpool vs Newcastle Match, if Liverpool wins today, they are in Finals…”
Taha – “You are shit… your friend Osama is in danger and you want to watch a football match…”
Usama – “We can’t leave this place before they come… I am refreshing myself… OK”

(Taha threw dustbin on Usama… and went outside)
Usama (Loudly) – “I know you are a chain smoker… and you are calling to your X girlfriend”

(A Stone came from outside and Usama just saved his face)
Taha – “I am calling to my wife… now shut up and watch your stupid football”

(After 30 Minutes)
(Investigation team arrived, Taha giving instructions to the team whereas Usama just closed the T.V and came outside)

Taha – “Ok, we are leaving this place”
Usama – “Where are we going?”
Taha – “At Osama’s place”

(Usama and Taha sitting in car and heading to Osama’s place)
Usama – “We’ll have to put some men around his house for his security”
Taha – “hmm… and camera stuff too”
(While Taha was driving, Agent Usama ordered bureau officers to send men at Osama’s place. He also ordered to send high quality thermal cameras)

(At Osama’s place they stayed for around 25 minutes and they tried to explain everything to Osama… Osama was silent while they were explaining things, he was upset and he was shocked and then he started crying when he was told about his father’s abduction… he was not in his conscious… It was 7:00 pm in clock… Usama and Agent Taha came outside and they decided to give him some time… Specially Trained Officers were waiting outside… they were briefed by Agent Usama about the security criteria and to fix cameras at all four sides of his house. Then both of them sat in car headed to bureau office where Ali Iftikhar, Agent Tabish and Arqam were holding reports)

(7:28 pm at Bureau… Usama ‘having tea in his hand’, Agent Taha, Ali Iftikhar having Panadol and a glass of water, Tabish having some pages related to case, and Arqam Gadit with some more pages, all were sitting in office conference room)

Ali – “Listen… before you guys say anything… just… just wait and let me take this medicine”

(Everyone was looking at him – After 20 Seconds)

Ali – “WHAT?????”
Tabish – “You took almost half a minute to swallow that medicine… it was fun watching you”
Arqam – “Nice taunt”
Taha – “Ali… they are taunting you…”
Ali – “Yes…. I know”

(They all laughed…)

Taha – “Ok, guys… we have gathered here to get some updates”
Arqam – “Ok… here is the postmortem report”  
(Arqam giving report to Taha)

Arqam – “Firstly about Abdullah… he died because of internal injury… brain damaged from inside… caused by heavy external force… got no response time, died instantly, no alcohol, no chemical, nothing was found in his body… Tabish investigated car. So, he will tell his part… Ok, about his mother, similar fashion… perfect shot… 10 cm deep, 5° inclination, no response time, died instantly… my calculation says… Killer was around 1 kilometer away from the window. AND he was not in building… and…”
Usama – “And…?”
Arqam – “this was a ground shot… I mean in car… or something”
Taha – “Are you sure he was in car?”
Arqam – “Well my calculation says.”
Usama – “What about that bullet?”
Arqam – “I gave bullet to Tabish…”
Usama – “Ok…”

(Arqam sitting on his chair, meanwhile Ali Iftikhar standing up)

Ali – “After sending body for postmortem, I came here to get some sleep but you know… sleep is not in my fate… Well I received fax from General… And he said….”


(Ali paused for 10 seconds)

Usama – “Hey… you listen… Tell us, or get out”
Ali – “Well… General said… someone is joining our bureau…”
Usama – “What…?”
Arqam – “We don’t need him…”
Tabish – “That’s fish…?”
Usama –“Fish…?”
Tabish – “Oh… nothing, today I ate fish”
Taha – “by the way, tell us more about that ‘someone’”
Ali – “His name is….”

(Arqam loaded his gun and standing up)
Ali – “Whoa Whoa Whoa his name is not written here… he is coming tomorrow morning but he is a professor in applied mathematics… and one more thing… he is not he, actually it is she, I mean female Agent”
Taha – “Professor of applied mathematics… and female… hmm interesting”
Usama – “Ok, we will talk later about him, I mean her… Tabish…?”

(Tabish standing up… and Ali sitting)
(Tabish giving reports to Agent Usama)

Tabish – “first of all I want to tell you about the bullet that was found in her head… 85mm length, 13mm diameter, “.50 BMG Bullet”, used in M82A1 Rifle… Special scoped semi-automatic rifle used in military, specially used in target killing… and it seems that the killer was professional and trained…”
Taha – “hmmm”
Usama – “And what about the car…?”
Tabish – “Duh, two fingerprints found”
Arqam – “What?”
Taha – “…”
Ali – “two fingerprints…?”
Tabish – “I searched the database and one was Abdullah’s but…”
Taha – “But… Hey… I’ll shoot you”
Tabish – “Second one is your friend, Mustafa Hanif
(All of them looking at Agent Usama)

End of 2nd Episode

  1. June 15, 2009 at 10:53 AM

    O bhens. … tyte ending..

    Very well written JB, this episode is much better than the first one. Although your writing is heavily inspired by TV shows. But great nevertheless.

  2. June 15, 2009 at 12:06 PM

    great work! 😀

    chain smoker and ex? yeh kahan se aa gaye? 😛

  3. A!
    June 15, 2009 at 4:44 PM

    Great work JB…… the first one was a bit too fast paced but this episode was nice and easy going……..
    all-togather it was worth reading…..can’t wait for the female Agent to join in…..for uptil now it has been totally male dominant!!!
    Gud luck for the Future episodes!!
    Agent Ali(classified)!!

  4. Tasmiyah
    June 15, 2009 at 5:36 PM

    Bohat allaaa! This epi was wayyyy better than the 1st one! (the first one was pretty rocking too!) 😀

    LOL, Taha Bhai set ja rahe hein =P

    Goodluck with the rest of the episodes =D

  5. Junaid
    June 15, 2009 at 8:27 PM

    hey nice yar… bht aala… yeh episode class ki hai… bechare Taha ko tm nae kia bana dia… ex… hahahaha…
    ending class ki hai… female agent ki entry next episode mein… interesting…

  6. Arifa
    June 20, 2009 at 10:45 AM

    (Y) bohat aalaa =)
    zabardast hai i must say =D

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