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Chaos – The Pilot


Episode 1 – The Pilot

(Phone rings)
Woman answers – “hello?”
Man – “who is this?”
Woman – “who are you?”
Man – “your son Abdullah is dead!! Pick him up from highway-625”
Woman – “What??”
(Call disconnected)

(Woman calling his son)
Woman – “hello Osama, you there?”
Osama – “Yes Mom, what happened to your tone?”
Woman – “Someone phoned me, telling that Abdullah is dead……”
(Call Disconnected)
Osama – “Mom???………. Mom…?”
(Osama is at office, sitting with his friend Agent Usama)
Usama – “Hey!! What happened? Hey, listen? What happened?”

(Pause of 5 seconds)
Osama – “I gotta go, talk to you later”
(he went without saying anything)

(Cell ringing – it’s Agent Taha)
Usama – “Yes Taha?”
Taha – “JB, it’s my wife’s birthday, and she has warned me that if I’ll not come this time……” (Intervene)
Usama – “lol, I understand. Ok, you can leave”
Taha – “Thanks JB”
Usama – “hey! Don’t forget to take her gift”
Taha – “ahan! Sure. Thanks for reminding”
Usama – “Allah Hafiz, take care”
(Call Ends)

(Cell ringing)
Usama – “Yes?”
Ali – “Sir, Ali Iftikhar here, where are you?”
Usama – “I am heading towards office”
Ali – “Sir, we received a phone call from local police of highway – 625, they’ve found a dead body”
Usama – “Then what are you waiting for? Secure the area; I am coming in 25 minutes, call Arqam to be there.”

(15 Minutes later)
(While Usama is driving he receives phone call… Caller ID says it’s Osama)
Usama – “Osama what happened?”
Osama – “Mom dead… come ASAP”
(Call disconnected)

(Usama calling Agent Taha)
Taha – “Yes JB?”
Usama – “dude you gotta move right now”
Taha – “We haven’t eaten yet”
Usama – “Listen, we have a situation here and I need you to move RIGHT NOW. Two dead bodies, one at highway – 625 and second is Osama’s Mom. So be at Osama’s, I am on my way to highway – 625. Any questions?”
Taha – “No”
(Call disconnected)

(10 Minutes later)
(At highway – 625)
Usama – “Yes Ali what’s the situation?”
Ali – “Well we have scrutinized and it was car accident, Simple”
Arqam – “JB, Why have you called me here?”
Usama – “Well, replacement of Taha, I am giving you a chance… you told me once that you are tired of investigating dead bodies”
Arqam – “Ok, Extra burden, no problem… I investigated the body… and as Ali said his death was caused by the car accident”
Usama – “How did this car accident happened, Ali?”
Ali – “Well, the brakes were not in working condition… Means brake failed, we’ve found some visa cards, and an NIC, which I gave to Tabish”

(Tabish came out from car)
Tabish – “Ok I found something interesting”
Usama – “Oh really… then tell us”
Tabish – “His name is Abdullah, Son of Mr. Khalid who is CEO in Zurich Bank…” (Intervene)
Usama – “Oh Zurich Bank… Irish registered credit institution right?
Tabish – “Yup and brother of Osama, your friend”
Usama – “wtf! Half and hour earlier Osama was very disturbed and he went home without telling me anything, then while I was driving he phoned me and said that his mom is dead.”

(10 Second Pause)

Ali – “What we have to do now?”
Usama – “Arqam, take body for postmortem, Tabish you go and find all information about his father and where he is, Ali you come with me… Ok let’s move MOVE!!”

(At Osama’s house)
Usama – “Ok we are here, what’s the progress Taha?”
Taha – “She was talking to his son and she got a clean head shot, her phone is in front of the window and that’s from where bullet came from (Pointing towards window)”
Ali – “Two dead bodies, Son and Mother, interval of 1 minute, Father in Zurich Bank, Osama, who is safe and a brilliant programmer.”
(All are listening to Ali)

Taha – “There is something that they want but from whom…”
Usama – “From his father…”
Ali – “Or from his son…”
Usama – “And Why?”

(Usama calling to Tabish)
Tabish – “Give me some time sir, I am working on it”
Usama – “Ok but we don’t have enough time, Where are you?”
Tabish – “4 kilometers away from office”
Usama – “Ok get some refreshment, because a lot of work has to be done”
Tabish – “That’s what I am doing here”
(Call disconnected)

Usama – “I think we can only wait for now”
Ali & Taha – “hmmm”

Usama – “Sam we will find them, Relax”
Ali – “Everything is gonna be fine”
Taha – “Trust us.”

Ali – “Osama, any doubt on any one, anyone from your family, friends, any one?”
Osama – “No”
Taha – “Any suspicious phone calls?”

Osama – “No… leave me alone, I don’t know anything how this happened just… Just leave me alone” (and we went in other room)

(All three of them talking about the scene which happened today, and took some decisions)
Usama – “Ali call the ambulance… we have to take his moms body to graveyard”

(Taha calls Arqam)
Taha – “No postmortem, take his body to graveyard, we will meet you there”
Arqam – “Thanks, I was already not in a mood to open this up…”

End of 1st Episode

  1. June 15, 2009 at 11:52 AM

    nice!! excelent!!
    new episode release karo,I cant wait.

  2. Talha
    June 15, 2009 at 6:45 PM

    yaar where are the new characters, stirling job otherwise, just needs some spice….get it.

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